30 March 2005

The Role of Money

The Jenius Says: Having discussed the Roles of Private Industry, Education, Government and the Internet Society, as well as My Own, should the Discussion move on? Indubitably, for We have not yet covered the Role of Money.

Oh, yes, it is implied in the first three Roles, pursued like a starving coyote by the fourth and not-as-abundant-as-desired in the Fifth. Money indeed makes the world go round, as in fuel for the engine. As fuel, it can be replaced with less-tangible substitutes, but for what money does well, few things can match.

So, what do we do about money? Ask, plead, beg, suck up, cater to and whimper like beaten dogs to Our government? The Jenius would rather have them set on fire and tossed into a Saudi oilwell. No, the solution is much better: We create it.

Now please, no counterfeiting. Of money or concepts. We can create money if we get off of Our needy-greedy-feedmefree butts and actually engage Our brains to make positive things happen.

Is it easy? Of course not. Is Our Island ready for such mental productions? Yes. And No. Yes, We have the talent. No, We don't care to support, sustain or reward it.

So, how then, can The Jenius proclaim with such lordly manner that We create money if the "terrain" be not fertile? Because We have NO choice. Either We do it, or We continue to fight like rabid rats over the pathetic scraps tossed in Our midst. Either We seek a united effort, for a greater Goal, or We watch as some of Us depart, some of Us desist and the rest, dumber or more determined, stay in the fray whose value now lies more in entertainment of the unwholesome kind than as economic engine.

The Jenius Has Spoken.