01 April 2005

Logic Better Than Greed

What is it about Our efforts here in this Internet Industry of Puerto Rico that compels Us to use "Industry Growth" as a feeble excuse for "Just give me more clients"? Egad! Is The Jenius AGAINST more clients? Perish the thought! The Jenius is against hypocrisy, a disease of the mind that leads to the ridiculous belief that others are too dumb to notice you are faking sincerity.

The premise is usually stated as: "Let's get together and create a group that leads the way to a better tomorrow" or some such piffle that reeks of month-old tripe. The stated purpose is noble: the ultimate execution is crass venality, or for you of moral bent, Greed. For every Noble Soul--and rest assured, each group has always had at least one Noble Soul--there are dozens of "Me for me and only for me" souls who wouldn't know nobility if it bit them on their software.

Is The Jenius--gasp!--naïve about human nature? Far from it. However, The Jenius has the simple Belief that leaders must set the proper example. 'Tis a simple Belief, but 'tis My own.

If We are all greedy souls, a horrible thought that borders on Truth, what growth can We expect in Our industry? This is not a hypothetical question: it is the apparent current reality. We speak of "unity" which is shorthand for "Just give me more clients." Is The Jenius repeating himself? Funny: so are the greedy souls.

Why, pray tell, is "Industry Growth" so massively important? The logical diagram looks like this:

(A) We live in a Knowledge Economy, where information is the source of economic growth.

(B) Information management, flow and implementation are vital to achieve success in the Knowledge Economy.

(C) Information management, flow and implementation are technical fields first, requiring specialists, by definition a minority of the populace.

(D) For general economic growth to happen in a Knowledge Economy, specialists must lead the way for generalists to join the Knowledge Economy, thus combining knowledge with mass participation.

(E) If specialists fail to lead the way, generalists will be delayed or impeded in their participation in the Knowledge Economy, thus delaying or impeding growth in the Knowledge Economy.

Break the chain and you harm Our growth in the Knowledge Economy.

Is The Jenius repeating himself? Funny, so are the greedy souls. Who should We listen to?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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