06 May 2005

Times A'Changin'

The Jenius had an interesting day yesterday, one that could, with proper focus, drastically alter the path of economic development in Puerto Rico for the next 15-20 years.

"Dem's big words, Kemosabe."

Not big enough.

The Internet industry and many of its high-tech brethren have complained that they work and develop in anonymity. Very soon, that will change.

Many so-called New Economy companies operate in relative isolation; that will change.

Many of these same companies tend to look at Puerto Rico as the market, with occasional wisps of global dreams. That will change.

The herd mentality that denies the values of journalism amongst so-called "business reporters" and "business magazines" in Puerto Rico will be shaken to the core by an active cadre of thinkers and doers.

The Fools in government continue to blather and dither and otherwise stink up the air with flatulent ignorance and insincerity. That will not change enough, but it will be exposed for the idiocy that it is.

The current goals of the local educational system are incompatible if not outright detrimental to preparing Our children for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. That will change.

The insipid and vapid inanity that passes for business organization leadership and "industry groups" will be left behind as a new vision of leadership creates a level of progress these sad-sack fossils can only dream of.

The days of industry events presented as "Sales Pitch Marathons" will end. We deserve better and We will get it.

The brain drain will slow down.

The days and years of pretending to be a competitive economic force will give way to the pain of actually becoming one, followed by the pride of place a true player feels.

These are not pipe dreams: these are promises. The Jenius will obviously not do this alone. Many others will play greater and more important roles in this transformation. On a winning team, even the player who seldom gets into the game is also a winner. The Jenius will play, and play to win. But it is the Team, one called Puerto Rico, that will actually achieve the victory.

Th Jenius Has Spoken.

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