15 June 2005

Going Nova

How often does it happen that you get excellent minds together working in unison towards a common goal? Indeed, not very often. But here's the description of one such happening.

It is still a seed, but from it will spring an oak forest of unmatched proportions. To an established set of resources that long produced technology-related content comes a person who embodies the bridges between business, technology and society... and can communicate those connections in the two major languages of this hemisphere.

No false modesty here: It is The Jenius and He knows what He is setting out to achieve.

But far above and beyond The Jenius lies the impressive intellect, talents and experiences of now 10 other writers. Those 10 will grow to 20, then 40 and eventually become thousands of writers adding their minds and voices to a unique blend, one capable of reaching from classroom to boardroom, from home office to Oval Office, from student to scientist to software. (Oh yes, software.)

We will produce content for airwaves of sound and video, reaching eyes and ears in one country, then two, then 200. We can't reach 200 countries with 200 voices: we need thousands.

Radio astronomers like to say that, if based on (reflective) luminosity, the Earth is a very, very dim speck in the Universe. But if one looks at the radio spectrum, the Earth is like a nova in the darkness. What We will achieve with Our output in this Gathering of Excellent Minds, Our effort targeted at telling the world what We know, think, imagine and achieve, will transform Puerto Rico into a nova of brilliance.

It will happen. It is happening as We speak.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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