19 August 2005

$100,000 For An Idea

Here's a chance to get $100,000 for an idea. Drop by The World of Difference and read the rules. It doesn't cost you anything, let's you test your concept(s) in a competitive forum and--fortunately--you have until September 6th to submit your proposal.

Why is that fortunate? Because the short deadline makes crafting and polishing an idea a matter of urgency. When you combine importance with urgency, you get action.

It's a matter of choice. One that could lead to $100,000.

Here's the invitation:

Learn, grow, win $100,000 in technology

If you are a small business and have great ideas on how to use information technology to jump ahead, you have landed in the perfect place!

The World of Difference Awards contest is a fantastic opportunity for your small business to discover the potential of technology and take a chance to win $100,000 in hardware, software and services plus a trip to New York City!

Enter the contest

It's simple: if your business has fewer than 100 employees and had a revenue of less than $50,000,000 in 2004, then it can qualify to enter the contest.

Tell us your Vision describing how $100,000 in technology could improve the way you do business and explain how you would use the funds. If selected, you will advance to the next phase and get the chance to build your business case and continue competing for the grand prize.

You can download the Official Rules here.

And if you want The Jenius to help you, just ask. The help is offered at no cost. The reward, for both you and The Jenius, is the chance to make a difference.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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