23 September 2005

Techno Sapiens: "Brand You"

It's time to go back to the fertile well that is Tom Peters...

For years, this eminent business savant has been trumpeting a simple idea: You are a brand.

Let's define the term: A brand represents the holistic sum of all information about a product... This symbolic construct typically consists of a name, identifying mark, logo, visual images or symbols, or mental concepts which distinguishes the product or service.

If you object to being called a product, call yourself a service, or a package, or a unique entity. It doesn't matter: what's thought of you constitutes a brand.

What does Tom Peters mean by "Brand You"? That your ultimate success will be based on how you develop that "mental construct" others have of you. Think of it as "reputation" combined with "marketing", who you are combined with how you present yourself.

Why is this concept so important? Because your level of success is not in anybody else's hands but your own. You either accept that and act upon it or you let Fate, whims, enemies or indifference slap you around.

So how do you develop "Brand You"? You follow those rules you learned as a child: read, learn, practice, imagine, create, ask questions, don't let not knowing slow you down, figure out what you like to do most and do more of that, find ways to get rewarded, keep your nose and hands clean, remember your manners and be a good friend.

Some of you read that short paragraph and mentally give up. It's too hard, you whine internally. Shut up. If success were easy, we'd all be superstars. Success begins with the acceptance that it belongs to you if you accept it depends only on you. Not "them." Not "luck." You.

So since your success depends on you, how can you let anything or anybody else determine your future?
You have to constantly be aware that your growth is the key to becoming the success you want to be, so that anything that stifles or curtails that growth is wrong.

Prepare. Communicate. Analyze the results of your actions. Learn. Grow. As you improve, and you will, your success will become greater. It's the truest and strongest path to success We humans ever have. Why settle for less?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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