07 October 2005

Soldiering Upward

Let's keep this short and simple:

--The Jenius and Aníbal Freytes are mentioned (in that order) in a Global Voices post.

--Aníbal's post is about the current malaise he feels in his government job.

--The Jenius posts part of Aníbal's post, then notifies The Information Soldier about the post.

--Aníbal contacts The Jenius and a meeting over lunch is decided. After a missed opportunity, We meet.

--Over lunch, an extensive conversation about government work, its (lack of) standards, progress of the past versus stagnation in the present, leadership vaccuum, opportunities, key players, Open Source Minds, his past, My past, his future, My present, tactics, strategy, overcoming the brain-draining sickness that is government work...and more.

--An invitation sent to Aníbal to join us at our next OSM lunch.

--Aníbal uncovers a weakness in my e-mail system. Took him all of 5 minutes, most likely less.

The Jenius foresees good things happening with and around Aníbal. Drop in and meet The Information Soldier. You'll be seeing the transformation start.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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