11 June 2010

Continuous Crapfest

A friend of Mine (a conspiracy theory fanatic, but a good guy nonetheless) was absolutely stunned when I told him I didn't listen to local talk radio--at all. Never have. Very surprised, he asked Me "Then how do you know what's going on?"

I answered: "I see what's happening and think for Myself."

In earlier posts I indicated I never watch local news on TV and once or twice a week I'll glance through a newspaper or surf a local news website. In essence, I don't consume what passes for mass media here because that would be like feeding on horse shit. Or its taurine counterpart. Because it doesn't matter which segment of the barnyard you chose to wallow in, it's all crap.

My friend even asked Me "But don't you write about local politics in your blog?" and I replied "Yes, and I'm right more often than you." Even though it shows My nasty competitive side, it's not only true, it has become truer as time passes, for where once he and I could debate on equal terms, My observations and arguments have gotten sharper while his...haven't.

He said (despite acknowledging the truth of My remark) that I should be listening to "Fuego Cruzado," a radio show featuring a commonwealth supporter, a statehood supporter and a waffler between independence and socialism. Sound familiar (except for the waffler)? How about I translate "fuego cruzado" as "Crossfire"? Uh-huh. Same concept. Same passel-load of horse shit, because these shows aren't about analyzing the news, they are about preaching a viewpoint.

Aside from the fact that in Our version of the verbal crapfest Jon Stewart gutted so well has folks with the collective IQ of a cardboard box--an empty, small cardboard box--the purpose of the show is not to "Let Me know what's going on" (that's called reporting), it's not to "Help Me place the events in context" {that's called analysis), no, the purpose of the show is to "Entertain each side with bullshit they want to hear." So a statehooder tunes in to hear statehood shit, a commonwealther tunes in to hear commonwealth shit and an independentista tunes in because they've got nothing else, man, nothing else but this shit. I don't care to hear shit and I've always got better things to do.

Now "Crossfire" is gone--huzzah--because its lack of clothing was pointed out by a comedian. I doubt "Fuego Cruzado" will go away, (a) because I'm not a famous comedian and (b) We are more tolerant of hypocrisy and political bullshit than CNN and (c) the decision is not based on reasoned discourse, but on money. So long as these shows have acceptable profit margins, they will thrive.

And what makes up the basis of acceptable profit margins? People who want to hear their kind of shit, every day. And those too confused to really see what's going on.

From where I sit, these shows on My Island could last longer than the Han dynasty...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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