06 June 2011

Jenius Writings

You may have noticed--gauged at a 3.2% chance--that there is some major Jenius stuffs over there on the sidebar. Here, let Me run them down for you: (Yes, I wrote "stuffs.")

1) I gathered My Jenius posts selected to Global Voices Online, added some context and commentary and put that all into a PDF titled GTJ On GVO. Catchy, I know. A total of 74 posts from the pre-hiatus Jenius, a number that makes Me one of, if not the most-selected Caribbean blogger during 2005-2010. Not bad, even for a Jenius. The PDF is free and you can save yourself a trip to the sidebar by downloading it from here.

2) My book, Thirty Stories, is also tucked into the the sidebar. Unlike The Jenius, who stays in the non-fiction section of your virtual bookstore, Gil C. Schmidt wanders over to the fiction section and cranked out 30 short-shorts (totally unrelated to underwear), stories that come in under 800 words each. Yes, 30 of them. Hence the title. It's available on SmashWords, for 99 cents, but here's an offer: if you buy it, I'll toss in another of My anthologies at no cost. Or wait and get all 4 (yes, there's more coming!) for about $3.98 or so, later this year.

3) Not strictly a product of My writing, but I created 4 "daily Twitter papers." One is about the new writing environment (e-publishing, et al), another about "seeing with mind and eyes," a third tracks the use of LOL (when I think of why, you'll be notified) and the fourth takes a quick peek at what's going on/being said about My Island. They're free, too. Unless you want to buy Me a cup of (local) coffee and figure out what the LOL Zeitgeist is supposed to do...

4) Some of you might know I wrote a PDF about seeking grant monies, in Spanish. It's into its third edition (which means I've revised it) and if you want a copy--free of charge--you can download it from here. I aim to please.

5) I hinted above, so here's rundown of future Gil C. Schmidt and Jenius Writings: a second anthology of 30 short-shorts; a mystery/suspense anthology set in an Old San Juan hostelry; a science fiction anthology featuring two "gentleman adventurers" and an interesting woman and a book series set in modern-day Puerto Rico--a.k.a My Island--featuring Taíno Indians. And what is The Jenius up to? Travel writing. By the end of 2011, The Jenius is expected to complete 4 projects centered on Puerto Rico--non-fiction, of course.

6) A new Gil The Jenius Podcast is going up soon, with several more planned. I know, that's not writing, that's audio, but I'll be writing about what's on the audio so I figure I should include it on this list. Stop bugging Me.

Right now, some of you can proudly claim that The Jenius is the most accomplished, successful and popular writer you know personally. But you won't.

You don't need to tell Me: I know.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Prometeo said...

Puerto Rico Now(ish) is one of my daily readings and your blog is certainly one of the most accurate when it comes to analyzing our island´s issues. I really prefer to read your blog than to listen to al the babble in the radio analyzing our political circus.

Adelante y éxito.

GCSchmidt said...

Thank you, Prometeo. High praise from a man who sees the local scene with a hard-eyed perspective himself. Keep it up!