15 September 2011

Non-Random Thoughts...Again

Thanks to Janine Mendes-Franco for selecting My post about Our police being gutted by the Federal Department of Justice report, pairing Me with a related post over at Dondequiera. Nice.

--My Pittsburgh Pirates lost their 82nd game of the year, extending their record losing-season streak to 19. The damn thing is old enough to vote. They were in first place as late as July 20th, and it all seemed to come crashing down when they lost a 19-inning game to the Braves on a blown call at the plate. Maybe that wasn't it, but the Buckos went into a severe tailspin. Add to that My Steelers getting clobbered 35-7 by the Ravens and this week has been a disaster for Jenius sports favorites.

--The local Electrical Power Authority has refused to make the fuel charge adjustment it normally makes, thus keeping Our electrical bills higher than they should be. The purpose: to force Us to accept the GasoDildo as the "solution" to high energy costs. Here's two simple solutions: scale back the subsidies granted to private companies here and to people living in housing projects. Corporations can get as much as 50% and some apartments in housing projects get capped at $30 max for running air conditioners all day. The only folks who should get the subsidy are those for whom medical equipment is needed, and even then it should be capped at $90-$100 to avoid the huge abuse We have.

--Under any objective measure, there is no doubt that the most corrupt party in Puerto Rico is the New Progressive Party. It's not the only corrupt party (PDP and PIP. anyone?), but the depths of moral and ethical ineptitude are deeper in the party founded by a reckless opportunist who backed into power without a single cohesive plan beyond "We won?!". I bring this up to let you know I'll be going back to the topic in an upcoming post. But for now, let's crown the NPP and its statehood-supporting weasels the Toilet Seat Crown of Shit-Headed Corruption.

--Is it surprising that the national media in the U.S. of part of A. made a big splash about welfare and federal aid recipients having to take drug tests (and only 2% tested positive), while here on My Island the media and Fools have kept coffin-quiet about the whole thing? How come We don't hear about this?

--Two recent crimes involving folks from the west side of the Island (My side) generated a lot of heat: two young volleyball prospects, lifelong  friends, were gunned down in front of a popular pub in San Juan and an engineer was decapitated by two younger relatives, his head placed on the kitchen counter, surrounded by family pictures. Three men dead and there's much wailing; only some of it is honest. In a country where over a thousand people will be killed, some of them women at the hands of "lovers," We gnash Our teeth at three men dead. Yes, their deaths were tragic and horrifying, but almost all violent deaths are. What makes these three stand out is that they didn't happen in the streets, where death is "acceptable" to Us. They literally hit closer to home: a bar and an actual home. Yeah, all of a sudden when the violence comes off the streets and into Our "safe" places, then We act all prissy about it. Until then, the blood runs like a river through Our streets...and We don't really care. And yes, I've said it before, but it bears repeating until most of Us get it.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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