25 November 2011

If True, Then Kick Yocasta Brugal & The Board Out NOW

From the Comments to My previous post Stiff Yocasta Brugal & Her Lying Liars concerning the situation at the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJB):

One little known fact is that the chairman of the Board Aracelis (sic) Roque hired her son to be the lead attorney for SJB...  

Feds are looking into a commingling of funds problem...  

Fraud, misrepresentation lawsuits being prepared, SJB has to be taken over in order to survive, the name should be changed and a new identity given by a reputable institution of higher learning.

The anonymous commenter has left Us with a few points to ponder. Let's take the first one, that the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Aracelys Arroyo de Roque hired her son to work with the SJB.

First of all, Arroyo might be the Chairman of the Board, but she's listed only as a member of the Board (along with legendary golfer Chi Chi Rodríguez) in the 2008-2010 SJB catalog. That would mean she rose to the Chairmanship after 2007, in other words, after the SJB received its accreditation.

Why is this significant? Because it means that Arroyo has been privy to what the SJB administrators, particularly Yocasta Brugal MenDacious, have been saying or doing for the past 4 years, the period covering denied accreditation/granted on appeal/withdrawal of accreditation/placed on probation after appeal. Toss in the Hospital fiasco and you have a log that looks like the last 8 hours of the Titanic...only with barely enough lifeboats.

This places Arroyo in a position of full--let Me repeat that--full responsibility for what has happened in the SJB and for what the SJBullshitters have wrought. If from that position she has committed a serious ethical breach along the lines of hiring her own son to be the legal counsel for the School, then she not only confirms what We've been thinking about the SJB and its pusillanimous Board (and what I've been saying with sneering contempt), she has placed herself and the Board squarely in the argument of "Dump them as part of the SJBullshitters."

Point two. Commingling of funds is not proper financial management, crossing legal and ethical lines. It simply means using money entrusted for one purpose on another.  In the case of the comment above, one needs to stress that federal funds are never--repeat, never--to be commingled. Quoting: "The federal government especially forbids commingling their funds with other funds because they want federal grants to be used only for the purposes intended by Congress... If you do...they will pull the plug on the program and take their money back plus a penalty."

The commingling issue is made very clear at every step of the federal funding process, from RFP to grant award to funding award and subsequent audits. If the commenter is accurate, then We have further potential confirmation that the SJBullshitters did a shitty job with money management and federal funds, causing the School to lose potential monies that nearly every other medical school uses broadly. That incompetence led to decisions like straining already over-used clinical resources by bringing in students from other Caribbean med schools in a desperate search for cash flow...a key issue in the subsequent loss of accreditation.

So is the commenter's closing paragraph any surprise? Is there any doubt that the shadow spasms of incompetence desperate to cover their baboon asses is emerging into sharper focus? And is there any doubt that pushing the SJBullshitters out NOW is the only way to truly correct the chaos?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Eliseo Roques Arroyo, attorney son of the president of the governing board of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine, his name clearly identified all over court docs. Classic case of double-dipping... need to investigate if other attorneys are directly related to him. Go to PACER and look him up
10/13/2011 6 NOTICE of Appearance by Eliseo Roques-Arroyo on behalf of Escuela de Medicina De San Juan Bautista, Inc. (Roques-Arroyo, Eliseo) (Entered: 10/13/2011)

GCSchmidt said...

Bingo! We now KNOW that there's been a breach of ethics involving BOTH the Board and the School (for the School Bullshitters need to approve the selection of legal counsel.)

Federal fund commingling next. I have no doubt proof will emerge. None.