02 December 2011

Yocasta Brugal Has Screwed 570 People...And Counting

So the San Juan Bautista Hospital has fired 300 employees as part of the $5.1 million bankruptcy buyout by Menonita Hospital Group.

That's what Brugal MendDacious and her lying liars were hiding: that the bankruptcy deal would leave 300 professionals without a job, many of whom had not been paid in months.

What a piece of work this Yocasta Brugal, huh? Screwed the hell out of 270 students by being so massively incompetent and possibly criminal that the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine lost its accreditation (and got it back only by going to court) and now her """leadership""" has royally screwed 300 employees of the Hospital she claims she "didn't run," but made practically every major decision for.

Let Me ask this, finally: Why the hell is this Brugal thing in that position? What the fuck is going on that a woman so demonstrably and viciously incompetent (see the list below) is nevertheless allowed to continue screwing people?

Here's what's on Brugal MenDacious' resumé, since she took over and squatted at the SJB School and Hospital in 2007:

* BOTH the School and Hospital lost accreditation and regained it only only by outside intervention, i.e., not because she and her lying liars did anything to improve either institution.

* The Hospital went even deeper into debt to the point of tossing it into bankruptcy, with no debt reduction perceived in 4+ years.

* Hundreds of employees were treated no better than slaves by having their paychecks unilaterally curtailed or cut off. And now they're fired.

* And as detailed in My previous post, the SJB had received almost $23 million in federal funding over a 5-year period UNTIL 2007-2008, when--you got it--Brugal MenDacious plopped her incompetent fundament at the helm and suddenly...no more funds.

A summary looks like this:

* The SJB School: Lost accreditation, now on probation.
* The Hospital: Lost accreditation, got it back because the local Health Department intervened directly, no debt reduction causes bankruptcy and a sale for $5.1 million, with 300 employees fired.
* Federal funds: Down from $22.8 million to $78,000. And under investigation for possible commingling of funds.

Okay, I'll ask it again: What the fuck keeps this incompetent lump in her job?

If she were a politician, her record would be "average." Ask The Larva, who tried to buy police votes with lies. As an administrator, her record proves she has the Sadim touch--the opposite of the Midas touch: everything Brugal MenDacious touches turns to shit.

The School? A shitstorm with the loss of accreditation that Brugal MenDacious caused and then hid from the students.

The Hospital? A shit sandwich diet shoved for years down the throats of 300 employees, fired today.

Federal funds? A shitfest that's about to hit the fan.

Again: Why is Brugal Sadim still at the helm of the SJB? Why hasn't the Board of Trustees--also known as the Mon(k)ey Cage--fired her incompetent Sadim ass? How long are the employees and students of the SJB School of Medicine going to sit back and watch the (bull)shit fly into their faces? Are they going to react only when the whole crapload is thrust down their gullets, like the Hospital employees?

And now I can turn My attention to the Menonita Hospital Group, who I considered blameless in a straight-up deal But this is not a straight-up deal. The Menonita Hospital Group (MHG) is no better than a self-righteous pimp exploiting a crack whore and calling that "missionary work." Taking over the Hospital is a good thing: knowingly doing so at the expense of 300 employees is wrong. All the MHG has shown here is that it is willing to descend to Brugal's level in dealing with employees, the mushroom level: keep 'em in the dark and shovel shit on them.

So here's what I want to see:

Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars fired. Now.

The Menonita Hospital Group dragged to court and spending $5.1 million to defend itself...and losing the case.

But first steps first: Fire Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars now. Am I sounding like a broken record? That's only because Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars are the very epitome of a broken--a very broken--record.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Yocasta is going to school every day as if nothing happened. Board of Directors has not issued any statement. Students not going to classes in second year. Out look doubtful.

GCSchmidt said...

That Brugal MenDaciousoozes her way around campus and hospital is not surprising, nor is the Board of Monkees' silence. But it is intriguing that the second-year students aren't going to class. Protest? Indifference? Disillusion? Alternate plans in place?

If the 2nd-years keep this up, they could bring the School to a screeching halt next semester. What kind of medical school has "no second-year student" class, unless it's a totally new school (all first years)? Keep Us posted on this because the tidal wave needed to wash away Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars may have already started to roll...

Anonymous said...

The School is going down the hill with YB and the dean of administration and now financial director Carlos Abreu. The employees do not get paid since march 30, memos were sent that said there were adjusting the budget and they would get paid on april 15 and nothing happened. They sent another memo they would supposely get paid on april 18,yeah right. Why? Cuz the middle state is visiting the school on april 16 thru 18 and they want the employees to be there for the visit even if they have not gotten paid since march 30, what kinda bluff is that..The Board of Directors had a meeting with YB and all the other assholes and what happened? Absolutely nothing. YB and Carlos Abreu are administrating the school and it has been for the worse. They have a temporary accreditation, the majority of the students have transferred to other medical schools and the employees are not getting paid. What else can they do to fuck everything up? and they are still there? The employees need to stand up and fight for their rights no matter happens, if they are afraid of losing their jobs, well its worse to work and not get paid dont you think. Who can help the school, who can throw all of these assholes out of there? As up to now, nobody dares to do anything, but the day has to come when YB and all of her bitches get kicked out for the sake of the school, the students and now the employees.

GCSchmidt said...

What your saying is that the SJBullshitters have continued their criminally-negligent behavior and that the fetid chickens they unleashed are coming home to roost. If I'm not mistaken, the LCME was there in February, so that process is ongoing and with the Middle States visiting this week, the SJBullshitters are squarely in the lenses of the two accreditation bodies.

There is no question about the following:

1) The Board of Directors is useless, nothing more than a rubber stamp of indifference to Yocasta Brugal MenDacious and the lying liars ruining the School.

2) The financial problems of the SJBSoM are not of recent origin and have become worse since October 2011, not the least because the vast bulk of the School's revenue was tuition-related, and fewer students means a lot less money to mismanage.

3) The lack of employee reaction, the "Don't rock the boat because we're sinking" mentality, is EXACTLY what Brugal MenDacious and the lying liars count on in their "We'll solve this soon" game. In short, they rely on that passive and fearful inertia to bulldoze the overly-meek.

4) The School is headed for closure. It has no solid footing in either resources or revenue, it has played fast and loose with the LCME, it has become the poster child for dysfunctional medical schools, BUT IN THE U.S., and unless the outhouse is cleaned thoroughly, the SJBSoM will become the newest addition to a private hospital chain with a focus on raking in money and zero interest in medical education. And in that sense, they will be EXACTLY like Brugal MenDacious and the lying liars.