01 August 2012

The Larva = Rampant Idiocy Plus

An """advisor""" to Our outhouse of representatives tweets that Obama should "take (Michelle) to your homeland, Kenya" because that's where he was "borned." She defends herself from charges of making a racist comment by later tweeting that her "most beloved nieces are black" and that she is "anti-Obama" and as such she fights him "with all my heart and passion, as a descendant of Germans!"

As a fellow boricua descendant of Germans, shut the fuck up, Fotze.

When asked about the controversy, numbnuts nongovernor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño said he didn't know anything about it. Despite it involving a leading advisor to the president of the outhouse, a key advisor to the party he ostensibly is the leader of and amidst a media storm emerging from media he claims to "dominate."

On another front, a contractor is fired from building a vocational school. The contractor claims he was dismissed because he refused to raise campaign funds for The Larva's flight from La Fortaleza. The Larva the goes on TV--on a show with the intellectual, moral and ethical values of a thieving crack whore on crocodil who spits on blind orphans--and claims that the firing was forced by the bond company.

The president of the bond company, United Surety & Indemnity Corporation, states that what The Larva said is categorically false, adding that "(W)e never get involved in the process of declaring a contractor as non-compliant; we can't do it, we don't want to and we aren't interested in doing so."

Now there's idiocy and then there's rampant idiocy. The advisor, it of the racist ilk, is an idiot. To expose your idiocy and racism in a public forum--and Twitter is not just "your followers," moron--is idiotic; to do so as a public employee is doubly so. To continue to expose your lack of intellectual and moral acumen is rampant idiocy. And to actively state your position that you want your country to become a part of another and not know how to conjugate a simple verb in their language is simply too much to be borne(d). That level of idiocy is called "statehooder".

That The Larva claimed to know nothing about the tweet controversy is idiotic. To do so in the midst of an election run-up period is doubly so, compounded by his cowardly non-reaction to the racist and erroneous statement made by the idiotic advisor. To then enter another fray, on what amounts to a gossip show run by a moral and mental defective of less social value than dog poop, indicates that the charges leveled against you have some truth to them, which makes the action rampant idiocy. But then to lie like a thieving bitch and make the situation worse, well, that level of idiocy is called "statehooder."

In this battle to the bottom between rampant idiots, The Larva is the clear and biggest loser, slamming into rock bottom way ahead of the barbarian (more accurate description than you know). A racist advisor, a stupid parasite in Our government, is bad; that the so-called "leader" of her party and her government makes 3 idiotic moves to her 2...well, that's clearly worse.

So Let's write "The Larva: R.I.P."

Yeah, I know: I was about to cheer wildly, too, but I momentarily forgot I meant it as "The Larva: Rampant Idiocy Plus."

But there's hope We can soon see what made Us want to cheer so much...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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David said...

More than a larva, he reminds me of the ear slug from Star Trek II of the chestburster from the Alien movies. I mean, maggots play a useful role, unlike these inbreds.