03 January 2006

Impeach The Murderous Moron

The Jenius is stepping off His usual mindmap, ever so briefly, to target the national disgrace known as president bush, who deserves no capital letters until he undergoes the capital punishment he so liberally espouses.

[The Jenius knows that, for bushie, the truly offensive term in the previous paragraph was "liberally". bushie thinks being a liberal is worse than being black in New Orleans and you know how he treated those folks...]

That bushie lied the nation into war is beyond dispute. Iraq had as much to do with 9/11 as Lord Kitchener, but that didn't stop bushie and his buttlickin' crew from repeating the lie.

Weapons of mass destruction? None.

Direct links to Al-Qaeda? None.

Proof that Sadam Hussein planned, coordinated or participated in 9/11? None.

Any proof of any claim made by bushie to justify invading Iraq? None and none and none. A big fat stinking zero...which, coincidentally, is bushie's total value.

Now the prevaricator of the free world has committed an offense that also has historical precedent. (Before some of you leap at Me with bared fangs, lying to get the U.S. into war has been done before: See The Spanish-American War.) Without ANY legal authorization, bushie ordered wiretapping on citizens, the same citizens he falsely swore to protect.

The Jenius has one word for you, Bug-Snotty bushie: Watergate.

Go ahead, click the "Watergate" link. Nixon was threatened--no, guaranteed--impeachment for thinking himself above the law. For a greater offense, for the many greater offenses of this rampaging subnormal criminal, the murderous moron in the bloody White House deserves no less.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

Addendum: The following list is from AMERICAblog, asking a simple question: Exactly how has Bush(ie) made America safer in the past 4 years?

He hasn't. Here's why: (read the complete post, with links, here:)

1) Osama is free and forgotten. [The Jenius: bushie played into his hands by invading Iraq in a naked grab for oil. How's THAT for geopolitical strategy?]

2) Iraq is now the biggest terrorist training ground in the world. [The Jenius: Energized by and targeted at repulsing a criminal invasion of their own country.]

3) Our military is bogged down fighting the wrong war. [The Jenius: The "war on terrorism" should reduce terrorism, not foment it. Duh.]

4) The 9/11 Commission's recommendations are being ignored. [The Jenius: Maybe the report should be explained to bushie using hand puppets and Dr. Seuss' vocabulary...]

5) The Homeland Security budget is being spent on pork. [The Jenius: If by "pork" you mean "bushie's piggy friends," then that statement is as accurate as math.]

6) The (bipartisan) 9/11 Commission gave Bush a "D" for efforts to stop terrorists from getting their hands on nuclear bombs. [The Jenius: Like the 9/11 Commission actually means anything to bushie...]

7) Most of the world now hates us. [The Jenius: Nothing like inspiring hatred in others to make one feel more secure, right? republican logic, maybe...]

And as pointed out at Daily Kos, debasing U.S. economic power by making it the largest debtor nation in history is not "making America safer." It's shoving it down a path of failure, lubricated by lies and greed.

Lies and greed: bushie in a nutshell.

Oh, and you statehooders: Take a hint.

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