04 January 2006

The Jenius' Blog List

There's a long list of blogs down the right side of Chateau Jenius and as changes will be made soon to the lineup, this seems to be a good time to indicate which ones are very high on The Jenius' Reading List:

-- BoingBoing: The very first blog The Jenius ever read and still a winner. Not for everybody and that's why it works: because it is a personal collaborative effort by very talented and interesting people.

-- Metafilter: A community of web-savvy, pop-culture savvy and just plain savvy people from around the world. Somewhat Anglo-centric (think "occasionally veddy British"), but that's part of its charm.

-- Lifehacker: Not tecno-centric, but people-centric, Lifehacker adds tools to your personal toolbox that often make big differences in your productivity and enjoyment of life.

-- Fark and Madville: A daily collection of oddities, inanities, insanities, vanities and verities. Not listed over there, Jenius, you say? Changes are coming.

-- The Information Soldier and Portal Al Exito are high on my reading list, but both Aníbal Freytes and Kevin Shockey are deeply involved in work and can't post as often as they'd like. Hopefully that will change soon.

-- Arts & Letters Daily: Almost a series of short "culture" snapshots, A&L Daily could also be likened to a gourmet hors d'oeuvres table.

-- How To Save The World: The Jenius would love to meet Dave Pollard someday, and if this blog has dropped off My daily reading list, it's not because it isn't valuable and engrossing: it's simply envy...and a need to step up My effort to match his. Pollard is a Genius.

-- Creative Generalist: Canada seems to have an undisclosed number of Bright Minds, to which you can add Steve Hardy. His ideas, observations and commentary are almost always a step ahead of The Jenius. So Steve is also on My envy list.

-- Cool Tools and Red Ferret Journal are like ever-growing catalogues of neat-o stuff. (Yes, The Jenius wrote "neat-o".) Other sites offer similar fare, but these two have wit, charm and a personal touch.

-- 43 Folders: If The Jenius gave out awards to useful websites, 43 Folders would be a big winner. Mac-centric and proud of it, the site is aimed at improving personal productivity without technology. (The Jenius seems really focused on productivity.) If you don't know what a "Hipster PDA" is, drop in and explore a world of easy-to-use personal tools that require no batteries. Ever.

There you have it: My Daily or Almost-Daily Blog Reading List. Take a detour through these sites and then you may go back to your regularly scheduled websurfing.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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