13 February 2006

GTJ Weekend Mix

1) Proving that great minds think alike: From Brad Isaac's Achieve-IT! blog, a post titled "Paralyzed by indecision? Try a 'subliminal' coin flip." Shades of My own slant on the topic, just a few days ago…

2) For all My WOMMA homies--or WOMMies--(The Jenius just made that up. Feel free to use it.), here's the power of word of mouth marketing, from Bokardo: Fully 2/3 of all Netflix rentals come from recommendations. Here's an article about that, as the original source is now behind a paywall:

3) From Media Matters, The Top 12 Media Myths and Falsehoods About the Bush Administration's Spying Scandal. Short version: the murderous moron and his cronies are lying, as indicated by "evidence" they themselves have offered as justification for their actions.

4) If you're looking for online reading and research material, take a stroll through the Directory of Open Access Journals. Over 2,000 journals are listed with more than 500 of them fully searchable by articles. Perfect for students, professors and inveterate readers.

5) This article in Business Week analyzes how the current economic measures don't tell the full story of how strong the economy is. Enlightening in the sense of casting a brighter light on the subject, it leaves the door open for the question: How do we measure the economy so we do get a clearer picture of its strength? The answers need to be placed in government hands as quickly as possible.

6) From the newly-discovered Smart Mobs blog (it ain't real until The Jenius notices it…), a post that you don't need to read, but it would be good to ponder deeply: half the pre-school children in South Korea use the Internet daily.

7) Once again, a Jenius shoutout to Steve Hardy, the Creative Generalist, with a Confucian quote and a Guy Kawasaki list of suggestions to teens and young adults. From Confucius: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Amen. (Note: For the first time ever, The Jenius will actually do no work or work-related activities for a 4-day period, this May. Never needed a vacation, but one should try new things, right?)

And from the entrepreneurial guru, Guy Kawasaki, this list of hindsights for young people starting out:

10)-Live off your parents as long as possible.
9)--Pursue joy, not happiness.
8)--Challenge the known and embrace the unknown.
7)--Learn to speak a foreign language, play a musical instrument, and play non-contact sports.
6)--Continue to learn.
5)--Learn to like yourself or change yourself until you can like yourself.
4)--Don't get married too soon.
3)--Play to win and win to play.
2)--Obey the absolutes.
1)--Enjoy your family and friends before they are gone.

The Jenius disagrees with number 10 (where's the adventure in that?) and is happy to note that 7 of the remaining 9 have been high on His list for many years. Which two aren't? Number 7 (never learned to play a musical instrument) and, sadly, number 1.

"Looking out for number 1" will take on a whole new meaning for Me this year.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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