06 February 2006

WOMBAT Roundup: Scott Ginsberg

He is up to 1,923 days and counting…

Scott Ginsberg is known as The Name Tag Guy, for—what else?—wearing a name tag. Every day. All day. Since November 2, 2000, Scott has been making himself eminently approachable by wearing his name on his lapel. (And beyond…)

Pure Genius.

You see, Scott has taken the very simple idea of identifying yourself easily and created a cottage industry for himself and for all those who follow his principles of approachability. Speaking in the casually relaxed manner that indicates intense preparation, Scott told his story in a witty, warm and engaging fashion. Of all the WOMBAT speakers, a group as talented as you’d hope to find in any business event, Scott stood out because We absorbed his message like a desert absorbs rain.

Why? Well, speaking as a Puerto Rican who wears a hat and has a penchant for wanting attention, being approachable is not a problem for Me… sometimes. The Jenius tends to be aloof in public, but can turn on the charm and meet dozens of people in the space of a couple of hours. But for the average American, living in a society that frequently overwhelms the natural tendency they have to friendliness, being approachable is not easy. Like dancing (which most Americans really shouldn’t do in public), making connections comes off awkwardly… and it shouldn’t. The average American is as bright and charming as any person you’d hope to meet anywhere, but when it comes to “front porch” actions, they seem to freeze like deer in headlights.

Puerto Ricans make connections in a natural rhythm, like breathing. So Scott’s message to Me wasn’t so much to develop approachability as it was to be effective once you’re approachable. It might seem like a small difference, but let Me ask you: when was the last time you met several people in an event and actually developed any sort of relationship with more than half of them?

Scott teaches you how to do that and more. Starting with just a name tag, he developed a method to market yourself—the Brand You of Tom Peters—with a high degree of effectiveness. Drop by Scott’s website, subscribe to his "Building Front Porches" e-zine and learn how to make major investments in your greatest asset: yourself.

Tell Scott "The WOMBAT Guy in the Hat" sent you.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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