10 September 2007

Caught Myself

I just did something I've never done before: Erase an entire post.

I'd written the whole thing, verbal darts and snarky asides galore, aimed at government workers. Then, as I re-read it to sharpen a dart or two, I realized I was...gasp...wrong.

I know!

My tirade was against those government workers who drop by The Jenius, always during working hours, to spend 20-30 seconds looking around. You see, I was going to rail against them--a full 20% of My visitors--for being cowardly, because they never leave a comment or otherwise make themselves known.

Then it dawned on Me: They don't want to because they don't have to.

Yes, they're "wasting" time and tax dollars by surfing The Jenius instead of doing their jobs, but are We talking about the average government worker? Instead of slamming blindly, it occurred to Me that the government employee who visits/reads The Jenius is definitely not average. For one, s/he has a decent if not excellent grasp of English. That right there eliminates some 50-70% of all government employees.

For another, The Jenius reader working in government is aware of the deep flaws in the system and doesn't mind My pointing them out. Said reader would also have to be politically neutral or indifferent, for I take on all parties as The Fools. In essence, I could see their visits, not as cowardly escapes from drudgery, but as excursions to an oasis.

Am I being egotistical? Look at the title of this blog: Of course I tend towards ego. But from that stance, it is just as easy to lambaste these visitors as it is to laud them; the only thing that changes is My initial thought that this group was a tiny, terrified troop. Now I see that they are, in fact, a large percentage of a dedicated coterie.

Maybe they are neither. But in the end, I walk away with a different feeling: Instead of the sour emptiness of an angry putdown, I walk away with the idea of hopeful progress. For in the end, it's all about Me, right?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Aníbal said...

I know a couple of your government readers personally. In fact I might have had something to do with them becoming assiduous readers of your blog (Hey, it can be about me too!) And I think you have accurately described them.

As for commenting or not. I think that many bloggers (you and I included, but especially you!) sometimes get on a high horse of certainty that makes it difficult to argue with. Sometimes we leave the reader with the only choice of agreeing with us.

I'm not saying that what you and I say isn't right most of the time. But the way we say it precludes people from replying.

Gabriel said...

Another thing that may explain the quick visits. It happens all the time but will happen more during the next few months. Web surfing will be monitored and the info may be used against employees. Some agencies have the IT departments flagging anti government blogs and opposing party sites. Yes its stupid, probably illegal but it happens.
Another thing, there is a good chance those employees don't have web access at home.

Joe Ward said...

Hi Gil - I can't find your contact info anywhere here. I hope FeedBlitz gives you access to your contact list! In any event, could you send me an email via joe at crawlability.com. I'd like to pick your brain. ;)

Gil C. Schmidt said...

Aníbal, your point about "high horses" and certainty is spot-on. I do try to be heavy-handed on the arguing side because (A) I am right and (B) Being subtle about it is boring. Now, I may be wrong sometimes (anything IS possible), but it would take more than just a "You suck!" retard knee-jerk reaction to make it stick.

And Gabriel, We've reached a point in Our society where free speech and the guaranteed right to engage in it is considered "optional." Locally, it's been a long-standing "rule" that you sway with the political wind in government, so you pretend to be "red" or "blue" as the case may be. That's stupid, but people choose stupid-with-a-job (even if it sucks) over righteous-but-having-to-think-for-a-living.

And Joe, contact info sent. Thank you all for dropping in.