05 September 2007

Off My Chest

---I've said this before, but here it is in writing: On October 24th, 2011, all Our computer screens will go blank except for an unerasable message that says: We have turned off the Internet. We will turn it back on when you pay us $1,000,000,000,000. Signed, Google.

---The Fools, in their insatiable lust to worship at the Altar of Idiocy, are exploring the use of electronic voting machines, or as the murderous moron calls them "reality checks" (because they block reality when you touch them.) Seeing as how the U.S. presidency was swindled twice through electronic "voting," what possible reason could The Fools have for using them? (I'm not näive: I'm stressing the point.) Take it from an expert programmer, Giles Bowkett:

Every story you see on the news about (electronic) voter fraud is an instance of corruption at work. There are no exceptions. The only way systems which handle such incredibly simple problems can malfunction so consistently and spectacularly is if they are designed to do so. It's like putting square wheels on a car. Fucking up something that simple is harder than getting it right. It takes effort. It can only happen deliberately.

Every single time a voting machine malfunctions, somebody has ripped you off. Manufacturing fradulently "malfunctioning" voting machines has become the new method of choice for undermining democracy. Every time it happens, you should put somebody in jail.

---Speaking of worshiping at the Altar of Idiocy, The Economist did its annual Democracy Index for 2007 and the U.S ranked 17th overall. (For the murderous moron in the Whitewash House and statehooders, that means 16 countries ranked better than the U.S. of part of A.) In two of the five categories--Electoral Process & Pluralism and Civil Liberties--the U.S. ranked dead last. amongst "Full Democracies." Dead. Last. Here's a hint, Fools: If you want to imitate a role model, pick a paladin, not a prevaricator. (F.t.m.m.i.t.W.H.a.s.: A hero, not a liar.)

---After dropping My "weekly" surf sites to less than 30 a week, I went on an Internet binge this week and added 31 new sites...and subscribed to 11 new e-zines. I can either look at this as "falling off the wagon" or "exploring new horizons." Hmmm...Wagon or Horizons? Horizons.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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