24 October 2007

Government Solutions - Part 2

More on how to fix the hideously defective sewer We call government:

Change the Legislative elections to a separate schedule from the Executive election: Every four years, Puerto Rico sweeps out one set of Fools and installs a veritable clone-herd of Fools in its place. Every seat, from governor to head butt-kisser at the Municipal level is up for grabs, and even if the governor and butt-kisser win, the simple idea that everything is in flux means everything grinds to a halt.

Add to that the whole chaotic inrush of effluvia hiding cronyism and nepotism to a severe degree and you have the typical high colonic We call transition.

Here's how to ameliorate this idiocy: Use the change to unicamerality (I can hear Myself laughing in the near distance) to have those Fools and County Commissions (Yes, implement My other suggestion for better mileage) elected in even-number years that don't involve the executive branch (governor and head beggar in Washington, D.C., as well as all mayors). Under that system, We still have year-round campaigns (like THAT'S going to change), but We separate the transition efforts into separate periods.

Those who say it will create chaos are to be forcibly reminded of the following two points: This system works for Us by reducing overall government strain--which reduces overall economic strain--and do you really want to continue with the current witless system?

Make a full transition to e-government by 2012, but keep elections paper-based: Puerto Rico, with its high population density and technology infrastructure, is--should be--the perfect sociopolitical laboratory for e-government. A streamlined, Web-enabled, Web-enhanced, near-instantaneous government is within Our reach. We could teach the world how to make a truly representative democracy, the first since the experiment of Athens some 2,400 years ago.

But no e-voting for general elections. The murderous moron and his moronic thugs stole two national elections by using e-voting. Independent reports and even a Republican-supporter's analysis of the 2004 Ohio debacle conclude e-voting was rigged, and in 2000, Florida's unbelievably irrational voting patterns were carried out via e-voting.

We can use e-government to set a world-class standard. We don't need e-voting to make electing pluperfect idiots any easier.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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