03 October 2007

Rogelio Figueroa: The PPR's Kamikaze, Part II

More free advice to Rogelio Figueroa and his soon-to-be-undone PPR party: Pick your battles wisely or your opponents will pick your bones gladly.

The example at hand is Rogelio leading a Light Brigade charge against the local Independence "Party," alleging that the PIP committed fraud in re-registering itself for the coming elections.

Educational pause: Parties that do not receive at least a 3% level of voter support--like the Independence "Party" does with recent regularity--must compile 100,000 signatures and have them certified by the State Electoral Commission in order to receive public funding and ballot space.

The PPR fought a long hard battle to overcome the many obstacles--some of which were and are bogus--in order to register itself. Instead of recognizing the process for what it is--dirty infighting with public monies--and staying away from it, Rogelio leads his band of Fools into a head-first confrontation with the only party that could conceivably help it break the stalemate.

For you see, the PPR has yet to receive its alloted funds--no surprise there. What is a surprise, and a mockery of smart thinking and planning, is the attack on the PIP as an extension of demanding the monies that are the PPR's by right.

No, I take that back: It isn't a surprise. It's simply near-sighted and a thus a perfect example of the PPR's political "strategy."

Sit down, Rogelio, and let Me enlighten you: The PIP was not your enemy. Never was. But you made it that by challenging their right to co-exist in the swamphole We call politics. What you wanted was money: What you got was shot down in court, no public monies and a once-proud, now-vacuous party jumping on the "Let's stomp the PPR" bandwagon.

What you did was stupid. Rather than pick a fight you could win and thus enhance the survival of your party, you picked the wrong fight, aimed at the wrong target, chose the wrong battlefield and topped off the whole stupid orgy of Foolishness by being slapped with the punishment of paying the PIP's legal costs.

You make the Earl of Cardigan look like Napoleon.

You abandoned the unassailable high ground of "We earned and deserve this funding" for the low crawl of "I want want he wants." Maybe you won't pay a cent of legal costs, but you and the PPR will pay for this and other similar mistakes. Because if you continue to act like a long-established party--like a fetid stable of Fecal-Filled Fools--you will simply make it easier and easier for the voters to ignore you and for the opposition--now unanimously united against you--to scatter your ashes to the wind.

And unlike the Light Brigade, no one will write a poem in praise of your stupid death.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Nelson said...

I like the idea of a party like this one. But the more I read and listen the more I think they are looney.

For example, do they have any idea that Puerto Rico is bankrupt? Where is Puerto Rico suppose to get the money to move beach front properties further inland?

The hell with economics 101, they need to go back to kindergarten and start their education all over.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. I'm an Environmental Engineer and supporter of the new political party Puertorriqueños por Puerto Rico.

The Justice System in PR is obviously biased favoring the political status quo, the PIP being part of it. To support my statement I only need to remind my fellow friends the following. The PPR was accused of inscription fraud and the CEE voided thousands of signatures with no clear justification. The argued that some of the signatures were also endorsing the PIP and others were from dead people. But the Justice Department couldn't prove that. Actually, every single person the investigators called confirmed their PPR endorsement.

Now that the PPR is properly instated as a political party, they have the same role and right to monitor the processes in the CEE. The PPR wanted to verify if in fact the PIP and the PPR actually had endorsements in common. Now here is the question. Why would the PIP hide those original endorsements? If the PIP has nothing to hide, they should return those endorsements to the corresponding custodian, the Secretary of CEE. After all, the PIP has copy of those endorsements.

And my advise to the first commenter, don't put all your eggs on the media basket. The PPR is just doing everything possible to ensure equal opportunities for all parties. In fact, the PPR is the only political party right now who has the compromise of cutting the extra benefits of legislative charges such as extra advisors, cars and others.

Armando said...

People, my advise to you is to go to the PPR web site and read their platform and then visit their offices. Then you will have a better idea of what is wanted by them. Don't let the other political parties decide or define what the PPR is. I'm in favor of what they're trying to do but change is not easy, it takes a while and it takes fine tunning.

Be wise and support their effort.

Gil C. Schmidt said...

Armando: I read every word of their platform...because I was to rewrite it. I went to their offices...and was in a meeting with "the executive level."

I stand by every word I've said and every word I will say about this soon-to-die party.