04 April 2008

A Son's Love

Photographs of My son dot My office and crown My sports-mad TV set. That's normal behavior for a doting dad. What isn't normal, in the sense of being truly special, is that My son dotes on Me.

It is a truth of life that parents love their children more than their children love them. It's simply the difference between responsibility and familiarity: To parents, children are gifts We choose to embrace as affirmers of Life; to children, parents are "facts of Life", as valuable as air, food and water, but with a better vocabulary and money.

I assure you, there's nothing wrong with this scenario. Nature knows what it's doing. But when the roles are reversed, even for a brief period, it isn't often that it can improve on Nature. Think of the children whose parents lean on them for emotional or even financial support and how that adversely affects the emotional state of both sides.

So imagine My surprise when I watch My son weave his way in words and actions to support Me, to help Me, though I am as active and able as almost every caring parent out there in supporting him. He does this by talking about what I do, by asking Me to explain where I'm headed, and by expressing his concerns. He seeks ways to connect to Me, to learn what I know and to share his insights to My interests.

Maybe all children do this and I don't remember doing it with My parents. Maybe I didn't do this at all, or to a far lesser extent than My son. His actions surprise Me because I encourage him to explore, to branch out and question everything, never thinking for a second he'd take that encouragement and reflect it back on Me. Maybe this happens because I don't fathom how important I am to him, or I refuse to look too closely into that for fear the answer would overwhelm Me.

I'm aware that what I'm describing is most likely not unique, that I am, in fact, living a period of parental life that is quite common. It doesn't feel that way. No matter how common the pattern, it is unique simply because it is Mine.

My son will grow up and there will come a day when My encouragement to explore and challenge will place him farther away from Me, maybe even as antagonist instead of supporter. It seems to Me I'm more prepared for that than I am for what is happening now. But I know now that having felt his loving support, the days of distancing will be colder than I thought. And at that time, I will have to remember that the best example of My love for him will be his example of his love for Me.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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