18 June 2008

Status and Status Quo

Over at Dondequiera, MC Don Dees is pissing Me off: First, because he jumped on an incisive Star Trek reference to compare Our status idiocies to and second, because he adroitly encapsulated Our penchant for adhering mindlessly to the status quo.

I hate having to sling adjectives around in other people's favor...

Let Me play catch-up and maybe vault ahead for a few minutes. In tangential form, Our status issue has been woven through this Jenius blog and can be summarized as:

---"Associated Republic" -- Ha!

---"Statehood" -- No way

---"Independence" -- Get real (No, I mean it: Show up and be real, you ghosts)

The U.S position has always been: We're not giving you anything... unless you ask for it specifically. In other words, "No tickee, no laundry." We have no tickee. And We never will.

For as the irritating Dees also points out, We have this asphixiating need for "No change" which leads to the paralyzing shutdown response of "Whatever" when it comes time to actually deal with change. In terms of status We've moved from "Be Our sugar daddy" (literally) to "We'd like to be like a sugar daddy...someday." We've gone from having Our hand out to raising it to get attention, sometimes as a fist, at other times as a wave and quickly putting it down when We'd rather not get noticed.

Our status issue has very little impact on Our daily lives, where Our status quo is best described as resigned despair. Like any sports team will show you, morale is key to improved performance, for only a winning attitude leads to developing a winning tradition. The more We let Our attitude slide, the less We achieve. And in that vicious downward spiral, We lose sight of how much We are actually losing by not deciding Our own status issue.

It biols down to this: The status issue is mishandled by a handful of sub-standard sycophants. Our status quo sucks too many--maybe a majority--into a whirlpool of inaction. We'd be so much better off if only We could switch the many and the few... and then let the few drown.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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