17 December 2008

Not Tolerance: Acceptance

I got this vía e-mail from Francis, based--I believe--on a Jenius Jots post. I've made minor edits to make it easier to read, but have changed none of the content as presented originally:


Just an excerpt from a chat I had with a co-worker about all the anti-immigrant sentiment here in the Good Ol' US of A. Keep in mind that Tizz is Caucasian, and was naturally born & bred here in the states; and I'm Puerto Rican.

Chat sparked by all the C O L O R F U L comments from this article: Some Mexicans leaving US, planning never to return

Instant Messaging Chat:
(2:01:18 PM) Gus: 

Example Comment:

Bobby said: "Some Mexicans planning to never return. Schucks. It just tears at me. I guess when it becomes too unbearable I'll go to Mexico and visit them--some year,or maybe never. If it eliminates press two for, and other stupid recorded messages that an American citizen has to endure until the English tape kicks in, I'll be happy. Adios amigos" *SAD, SAD...coming from a nation of European Immigrants.

Gus: Man, is that how MOST United States Citizens feel? Really saddens & sickens me.


"Examiner Reader said: glad too see it happening. maybe real americans can get the jobs these forein invaders have been taking away from us americans. good luck and good by."

Tizz: Well to show you the level of intelligence look how he spelled "bye"

Gus: It's not the spelling man, I could care less for spelling (I'm HORRIBLE at it, remember.), BUT, seeing all those prejudiced posts on "illegals" really makes me gloomy 'bout here. Makes me feel EVERYONE (or most peeps) think that way...

Tizz: It think it's because they aren't intelligent and it's not being taught in schools. They feel that there shouldn't be an option (assuming of course) for Spanish on phones and what not. However they need to learn to change and adapt because some of their ancestors came from Europe who didn't speak English at all. Schools need to do a better job of educating.

Gus: =')

Tizz: Do I make you proud?


Gus: I'm not from Mexico (obviously) but it still hurts to read that, specially since most peeps assume all Hispanics here in the States are Mexicans, and illegally here, and this is clearly not the case for all Hispanics, including Mexicans.

Tizz: Well, also remember that I was raised in Florida and I was educated, not just by my school but my parents as well. It's not about being tolerant, I hate that word. It's about accepting and enjoying

Gus: Yup', 'cause tolerance implies discomfort, unlike accepting others as equals.

Tizz: exactly

Gus: You're cool! And thanks for that. =)

Tizz: So are you!

Tizz: no need to thank me

Tizz: It's who I am

Gus: But I needed the friendly comfort. It's just terrible, those comments.

Tizz: Yes but keep in mind most of the people who go there are bigots anyway

Tizz: Or just plain dumb

Gus: Right you are sir.
*Instant Messaging handles were changed for privacy purposes.
Tizz could not have put it in better words:
"It's not about being tolerant, I hate that word. It's about accepting and enjoying."

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

And Thank You, Francis, for sending it to Me.

The Jenius Has Quoted.


Anonymous said...

The views Americans have concerning illegal immigrants depends largely on where the immigrants come from.

Don't get me wrong--I think that to come here illegally is a slap in the face of those who go through hell and high water to enter this country and make a better life for themselves.

However, I also do not like how arbitrary people are in how they target one immigrant group over another.

I also dislike how some immigrant groups get preferential treatment while others are criminalized.

Anyway, someone's immigration status is NEVER a justification for mistreating them.


GCSchmidt said...

Good points all. What also irritates Me is that the U.S. of part of A. loves to glorify its "We're built by immigrants" pseudo-history while pontificating on how to treat them openly as undesirables.