08 December 2008

"No Confidence" Now

Now let Me get this straight: The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has suspended Parliament until late January, 2009 in order to avoid a vote of "no confidence."

Hoo-wee! Strap My booty and call Me Trudy! That sounds like lollapalooza time!

A) Stephen Harper came back into power on October 15th of this year, leading a shaky coalition. How the hell did he go from "elected P.M." to "Throw the bum out!" in less than two months?

B) The prorogue--suspension of Parliament--is the first in the history of Canada. Stephen Harper is the head of the Conservative Party. Need I say more?

C) Somewhere I bet the murderous moron in the off-White House is furious thinking "I shoulda rammed that kind of power through Parliament. Er, Congress." 

I wish We had that same power, that of calling for a vote of "no confidence" on Our elected leaders. Yes, it would mean that We'd be recalling bum after bum, but at least We'd be involved in the day-to-day governance of Our country rather than being indifferently-rabid fans of some vapid ideological mish-mash.

It would also mean that these Fools would know they are held accountable for their actions and inactions, a concept that seeps through every workspace in the world except the halls of government.

And finally, if We are given the privilege of voting someone into office, We also receive the responsibility of kicking them out when they suck like the proverbial (Herbert) Hoover. To have that responsibility limited to once every two, four or six years is ridiculous, because We have seen how much damage a murderous moron and gutless hyenas can do in less than one.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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