26 February 2010

Sales Tax Spy Game

Would you spy on someone?

Would you do it for money?

How much money would it take? (If you have a price, that is...)

Second angle: Do you know there are 6 government-sponsored lotteries in Puerto Rico? The traditional "ticket-based" one, and 5 electronic versions (Pick 6, with "Second Chance", Pick 4, Pick 3 and Pick 2.) 

Do you think We need a 7th?

How about one where every purchase you make that has sales tax on it becomes a chance to win some "free" cash?

Are you in?! 

But what if the whole purpose of the "lottery" is to catch businesses that aren't paying the sales tax? It's an idea Our sorry excuse for a government has been considering. So...

Are you in? Are you willing to spy for the government?

You gotta buy stuff, right? And hey, there's a chance to win some cash!

But how broken is the sales tax collection system that it needs spies to work? What kind of government offers speculative bribes to its people to spy on others?

Still don't care? Ready to buy-buy and spy-spy for some (potential) pie-pie? Okay, Let's try again. 

How much, I ask you, is this "spy lottery" going to cost? And what will the payout do in terms of increasing costs of managing the obviosuly broken sales tax collection system?

And what mechanism will be used to offset those costs, to pay for this expensive "solution"?

Could it be that the way to pay for those increased spying costs (equipment and payouts) is to raise the sales tax?

So now I ask you: would you spy on someone...if it cost you money?

Now you're seeing the light...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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