08 July 2010

Animal Waste

So let Me get this straight: The supposedly-shrinking senate, led by the statehood potty, buys a building--cash--from a statehood toilet that got his ass dragged to jail for fraud against Our government revenue and the commission on the sale, some $180,000 of Our monies, goes to a statehood latrine that's been smearingly involved at every level of the potty since 1968.

Holy crap.

And who are the turds in this toilet bowl? They are the senate president Thomas "Mad Führer" Rivera, the building owner/resident agent Tommy "Hijack Tax Monies" Habibe and the real estate agent smarmily charging "only 3% instead of 6%" for being part of a shitty deal, Carlos "Four Feet Behind the Horse's Head" Romero.

Tommy the Hauled-to-Jail-Hijacker went to the hijacker hoosegow  for defrauding the government in the digitalization of the Municipal Tax Revenue Department, known locally as CRIM. And Carlos the Horse's Hindquarter Center was Mayor of San Juan, governor, head beggar in Washington, giving him the trifecta of having royally and completely screwed-up all key political positions in Our degenerate system.

And how much did this fiasco cost Us? $3.2 million. And according to the article, there's more real estate targeted for acquisition.

Hee-haw. You can lead a Horse's Ass to money, but it helps if a Mad Dog leads the way.

Oh, and We're the donkeys for putting up with it all.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Nelson said...

LOL! Jenius, I haven't laughed so hard and so much for a long time. I read it again and couldn't stop laughing. The irony here is that this isn't a joke. Sad, but true.

GCSchmidt said...

I'm happy you laughed. That might be the only reasonable response to all this, seeing as how the law frowns on shooting. I'm going to look up the statutes on accidentally hitting one of these people with a baseball bat. Nine times.