23 August 2010

Again, Not So Random Thoughts

--My Pittsburgh Pirates have once again, like clockwork, lost their 82nd game of the 2010 season, which means that they have completed their 18th season in a row as a losing professional ball club. Given the economic nature of the sport and the overall situation, I can't expect them to become a winning team anytime soon. Don't take My word for it: let this Salon.com article convince you.

--I understand the Miss Universe Pageant was held sometime in the past few days and Miss Puerto Rico finished...who gives a damn.

--Isn't it funny how the much-vaunted PPP investments that were the primary reason behind the current (non)administration pushing Us into another $11 billion of debt have become mere background shenanigans to the political antics of Fools aiming for the 2012 elections? Anyone who thinks Thomas "Mad Führer" Rivera isn't challenging Luis "The Larva" Fortuño for  the latter's (non)governor's position in the primaries is a blind idiot: that challenge was issued on Election Night 2008.

--My Island has received above-average rainfall since May, close to 30% more than in previous years. The frequent rains from tropical depressions or simple storm fronts is cause or effect of a lower-than-expected hurricane occurrence, but the water dumped on Our heads has been significant. So why does the local Water Authority act as if the damn stuff is actually decreasing its levels? Well, just take a drive around practically any place here and you will see leaks by the dozens. What that means is that We can't properly channel and store water when it's abundant, so it's no wonder that the agency that screws it up is starting to make noises that We should not use it too freely because most of it is already gone and most of what We have left is literally draining away.

--Some recent news reports have brought to Our attention that Our population decreased in the past decade, as per Census results. The culprit? Exodus, and I don't mean the Old Testament book. More of Us have left than have been born (exceeding deaths) or emigrated here. Reverses a growing trend in Our population that started way back in...the 1700s, I think. Or maybe the 1930s, after tuberculosis stopped killing Our folks by the thousands. In any case, it is a significant change, but one you won't hear any of Our """""leaders""""" (extra quotation marks exponentially increases the sarcasm) discussing to any meaningful degree except in one aspect: fewer federal dollars because We have fewer people. The """obvious""" solution: Pay Us to screw more.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Unknown said...

For over 20 years the Water Authority has been saying 60% of the water it processes and filter doesnt arrive to clients, its wasted due to poor pipe maintenance. For over 20 years they have been saying that with resignation and no real plan to fix the problem. The technology to locate leaks is readily available. I just don't understand why this is not a priority. Everyone accepts the problems like its impossible to fix!

GCSchmidt said...

Gabo, it frosts My perineum every time the Water (Non)Authority acts like the whole thing is beyond repair. They shrug their shoulders, moo like mad cows and make coherent noise only to raise rates and/or ask for pay raises. Then the idiots dragging Our government into the latrine's cellar act like privatizing it would be a crime. It is, they way they want to do it.

Here's how to fix the Water Authority in 5 years: Issue bonds worth no more than $4 billion. Invite private firms to bid on taking it over with 4 provisions; (1) they match the bond amount; (2) they can hire/fire at will and (3) they can adjust rates on EVERYBODY up to 15% after Year 2 if (4) they have increased average water flow by 30% (disregarding rainfall.)

Matching funds cuts Our costs. Hire/fire has to be given to them to get rid of the supercilious idiots (about 30-40% of the agency.) Adjust rates means that nobody gets a free ride and a 15% increase will place rates within "operational sustenance" revenue. And the 30% average flow increase means they have to fix the major problems first.

Give the firm a 5 year renewable contract, keep government ONLY on the rate evaluation side (the firm has to prove the need for a rate increase beyond 8% every two years)and this ideas has NO CHANCE IN HELL of seeing reality because of the hiring/firing clause.

The only supertube I see here is the one where We get screwed...

Anonymous said...

This is GILLES the GENIUS?
You mean , the GENIUS of you being in " HAITI"?
Well PENN was there , and he didn't live there lije you did, so you're looking more guilty.
And it doesn't mean that just because you're a JUDGE they won't suspect you.
Au contraire, lije they say in FRANCE...it means you were there for a reason.
And GILLES, the GENIUS, what was your reason?
You were making laws for the poor and the homeless and the " underpriviledged"?
Does that mean you were working not only with
" JENNY_ O", but you were also working with MP3 and
GED in GE?
And this is with DASSAULT- DISNEY?
GILLES the JENIUS...better check with CARTER
FOUNDATION and DON- KIZ- DON....better known as
He's telling it and what he says is that BALDWIN is with LOUISIANA U and CK is the " LAM"?
You call that.....

GCSchmidt said...

Uh, Michelle? What are you talking about? I am not often totally ignorant on any topic, but here? Here I'm a zero percenter.

But thanks for dropping by!