06 August 2010

Down With "Political Royalty"

Here. Read  this. See how aptly it describes its target group. (Emphasis in the original):

"What we have here in the United States of America is our very own political royalty who ride in luxury limousines to luxury homes sometimes on government planes to luxury hotels at luxury resorts and back to the luxury limousines to one of their luxury homes where they feast on the finest organic free range meats, seafood, and the finest and freshest organic vegetables and beautiful fruits few of us citizens can afford.

As a taxpaying citizen standing in line for everything, standing in line at the airport, at the supermarket, at the DMV, waiting at the doctor's office, waiting and standing in line while the political royalty whose salaries we pay live another kind of luxury life. A life of privilege which I cannot afford. I only pay them so they can afford it without using their own money.

Meanwhile, for the actual job I pay them to do, which is to make laws to keep us free and safe seems to be lost somewhere. Let's see, roads, bridges, trains, unsafe lakes, rivers and drinking water polluted, cities crime ridden, industry jobs outsourced. Household products foreign made, a question about my credit card takes me to a foreign land. My groceries, fruits and vegetables are mostly imports. What- we can't grow our own grapes or broccoli anymore? We can't make a wrench, a wreath or a towel anymore.

Crimes in the public schools have increased when they should have decreased 20 years ago. The obscenities on TV and the movies have become commonplace and accepted. This is our America today."

The superstate that has been created in your country is for the benefit primarily of those in the national government, lobbyists and the industries the lobbyists represent, often to the detriment to the majority of the American people. A new slogan has emerged for the republic: A country for the few, by the few but of the many. They have taken to calling Medicare and Social Security entitlements, which are really necessary government services while almost everything else in the government, including their perks and privileges are nothing more than "entitlements."

Henry Pelifian wrote this, as "Maggy the Robin," in a piece titled "Political Royalty." He is right. You know he is. And when We take that same description of folks--parasites and thieves, really--who live in luxury amongst Us at Our expense while too many of Us struggle with bills, pathetic schools, crappy job prospects, crime, horrible roads and disgustingly moronic service, then it is time We simply said "That's it. You scum are out."

Why don't We do it? In the U.S. of part of A., a large part of the argument is that "It's too big a system and it's centered in D.C. and almost everybody lives far away..." Poppycock. Every year in most places, and every two years in the country, the average person has a chance to take a stand. "But a vote's not worth much," some mealy-mouthed wimps will say. Here's the truth: A vote's value is the value you place on it based on yourself. If you say it's worthless, it's because you are.

(And yes, I voted for SpongeBob Squarepants and Pepe LePew in the past election. No other votes cast. I voted. But I do more, as you shall see.)

A citizen is one every day, not just every election day. In every possible way except one, this is OUR government, to be run for OUR protection and benefit and to serve OUR greatest group needs. Why it isn't doing that, why it has become a haven for cretins with the morals of crack-addled pus-brained skanks living high off the hog is because We have created the one way it could be done: We let it happen.

We figured "Let someone else handle it. Let them deal with it. Let's just focus on other things, like reality TV and celebrity gossip." We are idiots.

But in Puerto Rico, We could, if We dared, sweep the place clean and start all over again. Literally. At the most basic level, several thousand of Us could charge the Capitol Building, La Fortaleza, the Supreme Court building and a handful of other chief agency buildings and stomp these vermin flat. I mean f-l-a-t flat. (Yes, I am talking about outright violence here.) Kosher? Ethical? Fair? Here's a non-answer: Is their "political royalty" kosher? Ethical? Fair?

As much as it pains Me to step away from that idea--and it does--what I am saying is that We can take back this "political royalty" gang-bang and establish the kind of government We truly want. It starts by acknowledging that the whole system is broken, not just the "blue" side or the "red" side. That means We don't defend either side at any point because the weight of the evidence shows--beyond any freaking shadow of doubt--that neither side is worthy of any support from any rational being more evolved than mold. 

I'm already there. Why is this step necessary? Because the "political royalty" disease is like cancer: you get it all out at once or you never will get it all out.

Once enough of Us reach that point, some of Us rationally, the majority through rage, We then target every piece of scum in elected positions and We literally ostracize him or her in favor of someone--anyone--with no prior political position. Look, the bottom line is that the government is run not by the elected chimps, but by the cross-eyed apes that make a career of sponging off the public tit. We can't fire that "permanent" government, but We can stop the elected vermin from using that swamp herd to build their luxury lifestyle, in exchange for making the permanent parasites more permanent and parasitic. How? Because the permanent government needs elected officials to keep itself alive. If We catch the electables getting too cozy with the over-hired help, We lean on them. Hard. If the electables want to stay where they are, they will play by Our rules or be gone. When the swamp herd stops getting its cozies, the next step is to make them do what We need or get out. (Remember: the laws that make it difficult to fire government parasites can be changed by elected officials...)

All new people in elected positions doesn't mean chaos, and if it does, could the chaos be any worse than the shitfest We've been stewing in since Sila "Quitter" Calderón decided she wasn't man enough to hack out another two years as governor? Puh-lease. We're at the point where the cure for this "political royalty cancer is either total extirpation or full-blast radiation: We either kick them out or make it so they never "serve" again. All of them, regardless of "political color." 'Cause a red cancer cell is just as deadly as a blue one...and if in that example you found yourself immediately thinking about arguing for one color or against another, then you are still part of the problem.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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