18 October 2010

Levels Of Stupidity

Seeing as how mega-stupid has become a standard here on My Island, Let's take a quick gander at defining levels of stupidity, by the numbers, going up (or is down?) from Level 1:

1) Harassing a woman.
2) Harassing a woman while drunk.
3) Harassing a woman-journalist while drunk.
4) Harassing a woman-journalist while drink, in an event with cameras present.
5) Doing all of the above and then claiming that part of the "reason" you did it was because you didn't understand English well.
6) Doing ALL of the above AND being a pro-statehood legislator from Puerto Rico.

Welcome to the mega-pits of stupidity of one Jorge "Kissy-Face" Navarro, caught on tape this past July 27th and now being shown on ABC News. Watch as the drunken walking bag of shithead politics repeatedly tries to kiss a visibly-repulsed young lady. Note that this walking bag of shit-faced politics is clearly labeled (in the video) as representing Puerto Rico, doing so in a way that is light-years ahead (or is behind?) what his actual job is supposed to be. And then note how this shit-for-brains, in-the-bag waste of flesh, one who built his shitty political career on espousing a fundamental need to feel manly and complete by denying his heritage and subsuming it all into another country's, one that speaks English, claims the incident is really a misunderstanding because--yeah, I finally get to it--he doesn't understand English very well.

Pause. Think about that. A pro-statehood shithead politician, one who ostensibly craves in cravenly fashion to join the U.S. of part of A., uses as his defense for acting like a drunken shit-faced boor the notion that he doesn't grasp the language well.

Okay, I'll ask the question: What else don't you grasp, Kissy-Face Idiot?

Off the top of My head I'd say:

1) "No" means "no".
2) People deserve to be treated with respect.
3) Drunk is stupid. You were stupid to begin with, then got drunk.
4) Representing your country means you behave well as a guest or a host.
5) As a public figure, cameras are your friend and enemy; depends on your behavior, you idiot.
6) If you want to join a country, the least you should is learn the language well enough to avoid looking like a blithering moron by whining "No comprendo inglés." 
7) The mature response to your behavior is "I'm sorry, I made a mistake." Or in the only language you as a pro-statehood shithead can barely manage "Lo siento, cometí un error."

I keep coming back to the same idea: every year We should have a lottery, pick one of these absolutely useless bags of walking stench and have it executed on national TV. In a few years, We'd get them all straightened out. As the comedian said, you can't fix stupid...but you can make it scarcer.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Kofla Olivieri said...

I won't be surprised if nothing comes of it. His own political party is already dismissing his actions.


Prometeo said...

Just when you think that these morons couldn't do it worse here comes the guy that reaches a new high in stupidity. And to think that Evelyn Vázquez is stupid but this guy stole her spot in the hall of fame of stupid people.

When you see the girl in the picture she is obviously grossed out. I'm wondering if she will file a criminal complaint or a civil suit. But I'm not a legal scholar so I'll guess she can file a criminal complaint.

I'also wonderin gwhat will Jenniffer Gonzales do with him. Will she give him the same treatment as Farinacci?

GCSchmidt said...

The problem here is that "I-You-He/She" Syndrome. In these Farinacci and Navarro cases, it goes like this:

The asswipes say: "I am misunderstood."

Their party cronies say: "You are being unfairly persecuted."

The opposing party cries: "He is a filthy embarrassment."

Same stupidity, but it depends on whose side the guilty party lies. Pathetic.