11 July 2011

Crime, Punishment

I've called him "the murderous moron" for years. The now ex-president that allowed a known terrorist and his group to kill citizens on Our soil (and by "allowed" I mean "was too incompetent to grasp the threat of"), that then lied Us into a war that had NOTHING to do with the terrorist and his group, that used the terrorist attack on his watch to undermine the very values he swore to uphold and in doing all of these things and more, engaged in criminal behavior that merits severe punishment.

The murderous moron repeatedly authorized the violation of Constitutional rights, the document he once snarked he "wiped his ass with." Through his machinations and that of his rank hyenas, he caused the deaths of thousands of people, deaths he schemed for knowing he was lying.

And yet he has not been brought up on charges. The evidence is astonishingly broad and deep. This is no "mere burglary" in a quasi-swanky hotel. This is murder, plain and simple. Mass murder, no less. And the world outside of the fat jackasses that make up most of the "American public" know this.

The international organization Human Rights Watch just came out with a damning indictment of the murderous moron, his wretched cronies Dick "Richard" Cheney and Donald "Slimer" Rumsfeld...and President Barack Obama. The current President gets rightly tossed into the morass for his failure to act upon the evidence. See for yourself how substantial, how compelling and overwhelming the evidence is. (The same report, in Spanish.)

Letting the murderous moron and his nation-raping crew get away with mass murder is indefensible. The right thing to do is to apply punishment to the crimes. Those who committed the crimes--and We know who they are--are more guilty than those who have the power to apply redress to the situation and don't. But not by a wide margin.

Unless the crimes are brought to justice, there might be an additional target alongside the murderous moron: the indifferent moron.

I hope there won't be a need for a scorecard.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 26 October 2011: The murderous moron and his British butt-buddy Blair are to be the targets of a war crimes trial, in Kuala Lampur. Let the avalanche gain momentum.]


Kofla Olivieri said...

I agree with you 100%, unfortunately, in war only the victors write history and are never punished for their heinous acts.

GCSchmidt said...

Maybe We aren't the winners yet--might never be, really--and history can catch up to the criminals. Not soon enough, but better late than never.