27 March 2012

My Day, Today

Drank My breakfast this morning. Had "Boost" (Cool Strawberry),  a 5-hour energy drink, coffee and orange juice, in some order. Then I ate a Sloppy Joe. Breakfast of champions.

Dove headfirst into My daily infodump, a 14-website tour. Opened tabs like only an Opera user can, by the dozens, with the abandon of a carefree child hyped on sugar. Or caffeine. Slashed through the tab deck in uncharacteristic fashion, bookmarking and closing left and right. And left and right. And then again. Good. Only 16 tabs left. For now.

Sometime yesterday I passed 10,000 bookmarks. All Mine. Been collecting them since 1992, but really, the oldest one I have now is from April 9, 2001. An essay on classic board games. Typical.

Had to leave to deal with government bureaucracy, but this time it was relatively painless. The woman at the semi-empty office wore a huge green-glassed ring on her left index finger. No other rings. I wondered if the ring was advertising or camouflage. Didn't ask.

Ate too much for lunch, probably because the 5-hour energy drink barely pushed My needle up at all. Doesn't usually. Maybe I need to drink two of the little bottles, if I could somehow get past the taste of rancid donkey piss. Which reminds Me, I only had a half cup of coffee before lunch. Maybe that's why I ate too much. And no, My coffee doesn't taste like rancid donkey piss, it's just that My mind works in strange ways.

Here's a song I came up with this morning, while showering. Took all of about 15 seconds. To the tune of "Yankee Doodle":

My mother said I was a punk, and just like Yankee Doodle,
So I shot my mom again and farted on a poodle.

For the record, I love My mom. She's been wonderful to Me. And Mrs. Jenius and I don't have a poodle. Yet.

Got a phone call from a woman in Utuado who wants help in developing a day care center with community outreach services. She found Me because she downloaded a free copy of My book on getting federal grant funds. I hear it's being used as a textbook in two local university systems now, so being free, I make nothing off the book. Except phone calls. I'd forgo the phone calls if people just used the book more.

Noticed for the 58th time that I haven't posted anything here for over 2 weeks, thanks for noticing. Liquid breakfast with a Sloppy Joe chaser, oddball songs, too much lunch, random phone calls I stretch out to amuse Myself...

It's time to get back here. I don't need to draw Myself a picture...well, maybe one. Involving the poodle.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Prometeo said...

10,000 bookmarks? You are my hero.

Where can I find the link to the book you mention. I'm really interested.

GCSchmidt said...

I'm always glad to be someone's hero!

I believe you mean "¡Ciencia Boricua!", which can be found at the CienciaPR.org website. I believe the 2nd edition is coming out soon. Jenius Notes On This Subject: I will be posting My review of it this week and I've already asked if I can help make it an e-book to help spread its impact. I will keep you posted!