06 March 2012

Whitewashing Racism, Sexism, Ugliness...And Incompetence

The Mayoress of Cabo Rojo is a black woman. Her name is Perza Rodríguez. Formerly the Vice-Mayor, she "ascended" to the Mayor's seat after the death of Santos Padilla.

Perza, as I said, is a black woman. She mentions that fact often, in her husky-hollow voice that makes her sound like she's talking through an empty Clorox jug. She's black. And a woman. And in her words--oft-repeated--those two facts are used to attack her.

Perza claims her critics "accuse" her of being black. She has a radio show and TV show and a local """newspaper""" (El Faro) that might as well be hers for the prostrated-at-her-feet coverage it provides. Funny, but despite a weeks-long search, I found no comment anywhere that ever referred to her race...that wasn't her own.  From what I can see, it is those sources that mention her race, when she plays that card to attack "her critics."

In these pseudo-modern times, to attack a person for the color of their skin is idiotic or Republican, which are synonyms at heart. The fact is, We are sensitive to racism, and though many utter racist comments in private, in public, We are pseudo-colorblind.

Now maybe Perza is referring to attacks she receives in person, with folks coming up to her and saying racist things to her. Or maybe trying to put her down because she's not a man. If that's the case--and I doubt it from here to Uranus--then shouldn't she be turning that crass negativity into a positive, standing up for her race and gender, rather than essentially whining about how she's being attacked? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said "I have a dream," not "Stop it, you meanies." And I'm sure he faced more racism that Perza.

But I don't think that's it, either. Maybe I'm judging y'all by My standards (S.O.P., really), but I'd be very surprised if people frequently said anything racist to Perza or any other black person in elected office, because (a) We tend to avoid seeming racist and (b) My Brethren tend to be fearful of those in power. Now that doesn't mean that they won't say hideously racist things behind Perza's back, but if she isn't really hearing the remarks, why is she making such a fuss about it? Why give any sort of credence to voices you haven't heard, unless you're nuts?

As for sexism, she might be on the receiving end of the typical male condescension Our machista society has, but Let's be real here: Perza isn't the only woman going through that. Claiming it repeatedly is a bad strategy for it appeals to "pity" rather than ability. True, elections are decided by emotions, not intellect, but does it really help a candidate's image to be seen as pitiful rather than capable? If that were the case, The Larva would be governor-for-life.

No, I don't think Perza harps on race and gender for any good reason...except that it takes away some of the attention from the fact that she is fat and unattractive. And unhealthy.

Some of you are tut-tutting Me now. Indulge. Google pics of Perza (or click the link above) and you will see she is fat, to the point of morbid obesity. And yes, you will note she is unattractive. To describe her and leave out these two facts is to engage in "false" honesty, to not mention the--pun intended--elephant in the room.

Is Perza the only fat public official? Heavens no; check out Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González, pseudo-president of the (out)house of representatives. Is Perza the only ugly public official? Again, hell no. But without a doubt, the standards are different for mena and women, with women being gauged more strictly.

One theory, dumb as shit but that's why it might be right, claims that Pedro Stupid Rosselló was voted into the governor's mansion because women found him attractive, especially his legs. In what passes for Our media, which compares to true journalism the way pus compares to custard, a candidate's "physical appeal," if s/he has it, is relevant. How many times has pseudo-senator Evelyn Acevedo, a woman so stupid and slippery she makes dead monkish weep with shame, been described as "a former beauty queen," though rumor has it she won the title by spreading her legs? (Go ahead: tut-tut again. That is the rumor. And I'd hate to see the losers in that contest, if you know what I mean...and I think you don't.)

Good-looking candidates have an advantage; studies by the dozens have shown that to be a fact. Perza might be the victim of a double standard, holding women to some "higher level of physical beauty" than men are, but aside from feminist growlings that are often nothing more than veiled threats, "Gluttonny" doesn't "hide" behind her gender. Then again, she's white...

...As Perza is trying to be. For you see, in billboards now mucking up the scenery in Cabo Rojo, Perza appears...whitewashed. Her skin tone, a rich mahogany, has changed to some yellowish-ivory cast that resembles no race on Earth. The change is so startling that people are commenting on how much the picture doesn't look like her.

Now maybe the problem is with the printing company. They may have screwed up and processed the picture file badly, changing a black woman to a shiny-cheeked yellow-tinted paler cartoon. Even if important items such as party colors and tones are accurate--and they are--I would expect Perza to notice the marked difference in her appearance and have the billboards reprinted.

But no, that hasn't happened and it won't happen. Not because of cost, or timing or some other valid reason: it won't happen because Perza likes the look. Her frequent rants about racism are not about "them," but about herself and her own self-image. She might be happier with the billboard's look, and some proof about that will emerge as We'll see how her rants change in the coming weeks. (My guess: she tones them down...a lot.)

And there's another advantage: while the dumb masses discuss her skin tone, they'll have little time to discuss and dissect her public record, from extensive fiscal malfeasance to rampant cronyism to undermining local businesses. Or her obviously-failing health, as she waddles (don't tut: she waddles) slowly, pausing for breath after several steps or sentences. Or her family's "public" profile, suspiciously close to being related to drugs and theft.

There is racism and sexism in Puerto Rico. Perza is not being victimized all that much by either idiocy. She's whitewashing her fat mug and using racism/sexism to keep Us from uncovering truths she can't properly deal with. I don't reject her for being black or a woman; those aren't and never have been faults. I could, but don't reject her for being fat and ugly; she can (and should) fix "fat" and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so My opinion on her physicality is either moot or worthless.

To Me it's much simpler than that, for I reject her for being the lowest life form around: a politician.

And NO amount of whitewashing will fix that.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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Yeeeesss... I gather you haven' read all that much today and that your lower-case "i" is meant as a satirical comment to My habit of self-referential capitalization.

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