02 April 2012

Cheating Votes, Now And In November

This won't take long...

Both major parties are contesting the State Electoral Commission's (SEC) results of the two recent primaries. Despite the fact that all registered parties have members on the SEC Boards, that at least one member of each party must be present at all voting centers, as well as at all tabulation sessions, and that each party has additional members in the SEC to assist/review recounts, the statehood party ("Idiots in Denial") and the commonwealth party ("Morons of Conformity") are saying that many of the primaries' results are wrong.

Now economist Leo Gómez--of local Twitter fame as @leojacket--showed that over 80% of the voting station results he checked (about 90-95% of them all) were "off", in some cases, registering hundreds of votes more than possible. The bigger "offs" were largely in the statehood party ("Republican" in name only), but given their track record and need to stay in power, that is not surprising. That the commonwealth party also got in on the cheating is just politics as usual in this Island of Enchantment.

What does this mean?

Simple: like some Jenius said a while back, major voter fraud in November is a-comin'. Like a runaway freight train loaded with 50 tons of lead down a ski-jump ramp angle with a tailwind in the 70s.

In other words: bet on it.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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