27 April 2012

Yocasta Brugal: Still MenDacious, Still Screwing The SJBSOM

Imagine you haven't been paid for a month, despite working in a chaotic, hectic, almost demeaning situation. Part of the scenario is that the "primary company" sold another part--at a loss--and part of the transaction entailed having ALL 300+ employees fired by the new owners. Many of the now-fired employees were owed back-pay dating back several months.

Now you're in the "primary company"--which is under investigation--and you're getting very familiar signals. Your pay? No, it isn't happening. Instead of a check, you get a memo. And the latest one says...well, Let's be more specific, shall We?

Yocasta Brugal is the demonstrably-incompetent and proven liar """leading""" the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSOM). Here's a rundown of topics The Jenius has highlighted that place Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars squarely in the category of "Serial Useless Bullshitters":

--This Is My Business Now...wherein the whole Brugal MenDacious and lying liar horde are thrust into The Jenius's sights, where they never should have been in the first place.

--Yocasta Brugal: SJBullshitter?...wherein I suggest--clearly--that Brugal is an MD as in MenDacious.

--Yocasta Brugal: Incompetence Recognized...wherein the MenDacious Moocher is defined as a useless lackwit and her "hidden" flaws are becoming apparent to The Jenius.

--If True, Then Kick Yocasta Brugal & The Board Out NOW...wherein the cracks in Brugal's leprous leadership leatherface are defined--correctly--as oozing the pus of corruption.

--Yocasta Brugal Should be Fired...wherein Bullshitter Brugal is revealed to be running (into the ground) the SJBSOM with a revenue that is 17.5 times less capable than the average private medical school.

--22,848,733 Reasons To Fire Yocasta Brugal & The SJBullshitters...wherein the SJBSOM's very suspicious lack of federal research funds and very suspicious profits are revealed as more aspects of the absolute incompetence and bullshitting that have become the hallmark of Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars.

--Bitch-Slapping Yocasta Brugal, The SJBullshitters And The LCME...wherein The Jenius pinpoints--no, nails--the horrendous performance of Brugal MenDacious and her whole hyena horde to the wall and accurately spreads some of the blame to the Liaison Commission on Medical Education (LCME), who were hypocritical at best in striking down the SJBSOM's accreditation.

--Memo to Yocasta Brugal: I Was Right...wherein I rub, smack, stomp, scrape and crush Brugal and the SJBullshitters with the fact that I was RIGHT about them, their shady actions and negligence.

--Yocasta Brugal: Fire Her Now...wherein even after the LCME was forced to reverse its decision and re-instate the SJBSOM's accreditation, I point out--with 100% accuracy--that nothing would improve until Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars were fired with prejudice...and by "fired" I didn't rule out actual flames.

--Stiff Yocasta Brugal & Her Lying Liars...wherein I suggest the students avoid registering because the Hospital sale seemed...odd. Quite odd.

--Yocasta Brugal Has Screwed 570 People...And Counting...wherein the Brugal Bullshit Bus of Thieves sells the Hospital the SJBSOM needs to provide what few clinical resources they have, not only screwing the 300 Hospital employees (fired), proving Me right again, but also the 270 students, many who lost interviews and positions in residence programs.

Now back to the latest memo that "pretends"--in an openly dishonest and lying way--to "explain" why the employees of the SJBSOM are not getting paid. Again.

According to a comment left in the Comments section of Yocasta Brugal Should be Fired, the reason employees didn't get paid this time was...the global economic situation.

NOT Brugal's undoubted and irrefutable incompetence, NOT the useless passivity and irrefutable cowardice of the SJBSOM Board of Directors (Long may they hang from the highest yardarm!), NOT the total and irrefutable negligence of the SJBullshitters, NO, none of that: it's the world's fault SJBSOM employees have to go home-again--unpaid.

When the evidence is added up, it is beyond any shadow of a doubt--any whatsoever--that Yocasta Brugal in her role as SJBSOM """leader"" is incompetent, negligent and a liar.


The phrase is well-worn by now, but it is unbelievably more relevant now than it was in October 2011: Fire Yocasta Brugal MenDacious. Fire her.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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