20 October 2011

Memo to Yocasta Brugal: I Was Right

Dt: 20 October 2011 

Re: The San Juan Bautista School of Medicine and its president/dean Yocasta Brugal

Four posts; thousands of words and My accusation that the SJB and Brugal were lying and negligent, thus precipitating the loss of accreditation of the School: I was right.

Let Me emphasize that: I. Was. FUCKING. Right.

Action Item: Proof on the way, in this forum and any other I can cajole, beg, plead, wheedle or convince should expose Brugal and the other shitheads who fucked 270+ students by shitting on their dreams, aspirations and career choices out of sheer incompetence and proven negligence.

Action Item: For all you pusillanimous airheads who have a nascent thought--your first--that I'm somehow incorrect or out of line: Prove Me wrong. In English or Spanish, bitches. I dare you.

Conclusion: I. Was. FUCKING. Right. For what it's worth.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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