17 October 2011

Thievery Cover-Up

It seems that at this moment, Our pathetic excuse for a government, the mental retardation center of dimwits (7.2%), lackwits (11.6%) and bullshits (81.8%...and rising), is seeking to reverse the current Electoral Law so that candidates and elected officials will no longer have to make public their tax returns and financial information.

Simple response: Public servants = public records. Period.

What the disease-addled hyenas want to do is take away one of the most powerful (albeit badly under-used) tools in the citizen's arsenal: accountability. These festering bags of rat crap want to keep suckling at the public teat--at Our considerable expense. They want to increase that capability--at Our even more considerable expense--and for one reason only: Because We are idiots.

We have public servants who think they own Us. By Our indifference, they practically do. The rat-crappy excuse that We have for a government is a plague-infested corpse filled with drug addicts, alcoholics, pederasts, drug dealers, rapists, thieves and some really evil people, all wrapped in layers of hypocrisy that are padded with Our dollars.

This. Has. Got. To. End.

Our government is not "for" Us: it is against Us. It isn't "of" Us because it has become a sub-set all its own, living in its own world. At the highest levels--the rotting head of a gangrenous corpse--the average government dingo has almost nothing in common with the average voter. Think about this: the average legislator salary package is now almost 6 times the average worker's salary. This is by far the biggest gap in a so-called democracy.

If you think "Occupy Wall Street" is "The 99% of Us  against the 1% of 'Them',"  then what We have with Our government is a need to "Occupy" it: to literally bring it to a screeching halt, clean the house out and start all over again. There's a plan to do that Saturday, October 15th, in smaller scale. Probably last about 2 hours and end up in some mall or malls, a shopping trip with a slight sunburn thrown in to make it "un sábado fabu."

And don't give Me that crap about "We need a government." Do you need syphilis? Or gonorrhea? Because that's what Our Island is dealing with: a serious disease that left untreated leads to death. Belgium went over a year without a government, and yeah, they're boring, but even so they have much better things to do than to pay attention to a skank and a whore scream insults at each other on local TV. Belgium survived the absence of ts governmet easily; did pretty good, in fact. They discovered what every walking rat-crap bag fears: that the best government is literally the least.

So Our disease pack wants to keep their money matters to themselves. Once again the basic notion that they are public servants--public--is an inconvenience to them. They really hate those laws that say they can't do this, can't do that because it gets in the way of their "I wanna get all I can any way I can" mojo.

Here's My mojo: I wanna get rid of all of you. And "soon" isn't soon enough.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Twitter pic that proves My point about "un sábado fabu." In this case, Plaza Las Américas.]

This post was scheduled for Friday, October 14th. It was pushed back to Monday, October 17th, because of the SJBullshitter fiasco. Nothing was edited after I wrote it Thursday PM. Why didn't I write a new post? Because this one is valid as it is, and My prediction was 96.44% certain anyway.


Kofla Olivieri said...

We have no one else to blame but ourselves for electing them into office. No wonder so many people refuse to vote on election day, they are all crooks.
Kofla @ God of War Diaries

GCSchmidt said...

And yet, We have averaged over 83% turnouts on Election Days, a huge percentage compared to the U.S. of part of A.'s paltry 52%...

You and I and a handful of others have known for years that We are to blame for this sewage system We call government. But it's gotten to the point where the very pigs themselves are no longer even TRYING to hide their contempt for Us. They are simply going to take whatever We let them take. It may sound harsh, but when you have a rabid creature running around losing control, the obvious thing to do is kill it. To be blunt: We have to kill this government, because it's killing Us. Self-defense.