07 May 2007

Four Things to Forget

This won't take long...

Here are four things Puerto Rico can do--right now--to improve its general situation:

1) Forget party politics and focus on realpolitik. Party colors are waved to distract and manipulate. The dumber you are, the more party-focused you become. It's that simple. And We can't thrive on stupidity.

2) Forget the "Us Focus" and look at what's happening around the world. We believe the Universe ends at Our shores, with occasional flashes from Orlando, the Bronx and Washington D.C. In that sense, We're pathetically unprepared for a global role simply because We already think We have one just for being Us in Puerto Rico.

3) Forget the local media and embrace the Internet. Our media is, at its best, retarded. We have basically one newspaper and a horde of ad-sponsored (toilet) papers. Radio is a wasteland of noise (the music's great, but that ain't making Us grow) and what passes for TV news is a packaged laxative, meant to drain rather than inform. A global outlook needs a global source of information, hence the Internet. (And no, the idiots at the Internet Society of Puerto Rico and the Sales and Marketing Executives have it wrong: We are NOT--NOT--80% "on the Internet." Stop lying.)

4) Forget that "Learning is for children" and make learning a daily step forward. We often wade happily in Our lack of reading, lack of curiosity and lack of knowledge, literally in bliss with Our ignorance. That has to end. It lets The Fools rape Our Economy, lets other countries leave Us in their dust, keeps Us off the global stage We can dominate in Our own way and makes Us nothing but a sad footnote in the grand narrative of the world.

We're so good at forgetting that forgetting these things should be easy.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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