28 May 2007

Stop The Murderous Moron

Only once in a while have I strayed from local interests to tackle another topic. I'm doing it again, simply because not doing it is no longer an option.

Here's an article in The Washington Post, written by a father whose son was killed on Mother's Day, in Iraq. Lest you think the writer is what the murderous moron in the White House calls "unpatriotic," Mr. Bacevich is a former Vietnam War officer, who opposes this war because this war, pretty much like Vietnam, is not needed.

Let's go back a moment to the subnormal criminal, the murderous moron, who infests the Oval Office. Did he serve in a war? Hell, no. He weaseled his way into a cushy I-can-drink job in the National Guard during the Vietnam War...and weaseled his way out of it without serving his commitment. That brief description there sums up what's wrong with this cretin: Born of privilege, yet bereft of a sense of responsibility; unable to control his baser instincts, a cut-and-run screw-up with tunnel vision product of a sliver-sized intellect.

And yet, such is the power of money in the U.S. of part of A., that even a morally-bankrupt, brain-deficient louse can lead the nation and get thousands of its citizens killed, with many more thousands maimed, in the name of "patriotism."

Mr. Bacevich opposed the war his son served in. He has had the horrible, unspeakable tragedy of knowing that his son was killed in a useless war, one based on lies, fueled by greed and apathy, a useless war launched by a man unworthy to even wear the same uniform he and his son did.

So here We are, on Memorial Day, rendering tribute to the millions of men and women, including My father, who served in war and peace. And yet, while We rightly do that, We should also remember to look long and hard--again--at the murderous moron, the illegitimate commander who keeps sending Our relatives and friends into harm's way. He should be stopped. He should have been stopped long ago. That failure will haunt many of Us. And if you doubt that, just ask Mr. Bacevich, or any other grieving victim, of the murderous moron.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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