02 July 2007

Who's to Say

Who's to say Puerto Rico's future is mortgaged to a present filled with incompetence, corruption and near-total indifference to anything other than "what I want"?

Who's to say Puerto Rico lacks the guts, drive and discipline to make things right and salvage the future?

Who's to say Puerto Rico has been throwing away its sweat, talent and potential in pursuit of a ravaged "American dream," so badly distorted it qualifies as a carnival funhouse mirror freak show?

Who's to say?

I'm one. There are others, but far fewer than the self-proclaimed "independent thinkers," who can barely articulate a coherent thought and thus are far from independent. How to tell the difference? The unqualified play the blame game of pointing fingers, at another party, or demographic group or country.

The true critics--the ones who are right--know the blame is shared, by myriad "them" and plenty of "Us." It has to be that way, for "they" aren't omnipotent and "We" aren't totally näive. But because the blame is shared, because the problems arise in multiple areas and because it is Our Future that is at personal stake, it is up to Us to make the changes We need to achieve the Future We deserve.

Not a party.

Not the U.S. (a laughable option, at best; a humiliating rape, at worst.)

Not the United Nations (a laughable option. Period.)


And yet most of Us would rather ignore or lambaste anyone with the guts and rationality to answer "Who's to say?" by declaring: Me.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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