29 June 2007

Pop Quiz II

1) Puerto Rico is:
---A) An island surrounded by salt water.
---B) An island surrounded by indifference.

2) Puerto Rico is the U.S.'s:
---A) Fifth-best retail client.
---B) Best economic organ donor

3) Puerto Rico's status is:
---A) A joke.
---B) A joke at Our expense.

4) Puerto Ricans think they they are:
---A) Wanted by Americans.
---B) Wanted by Congress.

5) Puerto Ricans idolize:
---A) Entertainers.
---B) Crooked politicians.

6) For what's going wrong, Puerto Ricans blame:
---A) Other people.
---B) History.

7) Puerto Rican politics is a combination of:
---A) Brain-dead monkeys and their supporters.
---B) Brainless pigs and their supporters.

8) Puerto Rico's educational system is:
---A) A dumpster.
---B) A landfill.

9) Puerto Rico's health reform is:
---A) A morgue.
---B) A cemetery.

10) Puerto Rico's much-needed progressive leadership will come from:
---A) Narnia.
---B) Hogwarts.
---C) Us?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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