20 June 2007

Not Neurosurgery

Are you kidding Me? Give Me an effing break! The blaring cover of El Nuevo Día, the wasteland of local media, is a limp-wristed attack on whether governor Aníbal "Jellyfish" Acevedo had plastic surgery or not.

Are you kidding Me?

Oh, and as a second-place afterthought, the Grand Jury decides today whether Jellyfish should be investigated for illegal campaign contributions. Or not.

This on the day I discover I'm the Número Uno on "hydrocephalic media" in Polish Google. Talk about convergence...

Here's a question: Who the hell cares if Jellyfish had his face tweaked? If you said "I do" then you're an idiot. No, more than that, you're a bottom-feeding idiot in the group the media likes to call "The people," as in "The people have a right to know (really, really stupid things.)"

If you're one of those and you're still reading this, go away. You'll find nothing here but scorn and contempt. Of you. You idiot.

Not only is El Nuevo Dia showing how pathetically bereft it is of any idea of relevance, it also shows how amazingly gullible We are as media consumers, for I know--beyond a shadow of a doubt--that more words and time will be wasted on the "facelift controversy" than on truly analyzing what the meaning and ramifications of this investigation are.

Remember, this Grand Jury is evaluating whether to formally indict a sitting (reclining) governor, former head beggar in and pseudo-member of Congress, who received election-related contributions outside of the legal stipulations. And no, not "allegedly" because the whole matter turns on either a strict or loose interpretation of the law: Jellyfish received the contributions and he has acknowledged that. What is left to decide is if those "gifts" were legally and/or ethically wrong.

So let the idiots weigh in on nips and tucks and Vitamin E. In any case, I'd be more interested in discussing the possible surgery to implant a backbone in the Jellyfish or a brain in El Nuevo Dia.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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