15 June 2007

Dropped Questions

Questions that have fallen by the wayside:

---Is unicamerality actually needed? The basic motivation behind the unicameral movement is to punish Fools and reduce the crass waste of money they and their anally-fixated parasites represent. Here's a notion: Vote better.

---Isn't Our government too incestuous to work? Like a highly-dysfunctional family, Our Fools and their craven minions are often daisy-chaining and hand washing each other at the same time. It's an inbreeding program where the obvious and almost total focus of attention is each other rather than "the public good." Like a Faulkner novel, but with dumber and more evil lackwits.

---If We don't choose a status and won't let the U.S. do it (because they don't want to), then why even bother discussing the damn thing?

---Why is Our economy riding on less than 40% of the total workforce? Because We don't give a damn about it. The "economy" is perceived as "not Me" and thus is irrelevant. All We care about is "Me and Mine" and the Devil take the hindmost. The Devil is, has and will continue to do so until We lounge in economic Hell. Oh wait, We're pretty much already there.

---Why do We pretend to care about education while acting against it? Words versus actions. Lip service versus sabotage. One says "Reading is fundamental." The other is not bothering to read anything. One says "We need education to compete in the global economy." The other is stealing, undermining, misattending and covering up any potential seedling of education growth. One says high tech. The other introduces Game Boys into classrooms...to avoid teaching. Hypocrisy is the new coin of the realm.

--- Haven't We had enough of all this crap? Apparently not.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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