13 June 2007

You Are the Answer

I remember watching The Andromeda Strain, a movie based on the novel written by the now-despicable Michael Crichton. The scene that left its mark on Me was when the scientists were desperately trying to figure out how a crying baby and a schnockered wino had survived lengthy exposures to the deadly airborne agent that had already killed hundreds of people.

As My brain buzzed trying to find an answer, I heard Myself say "PH level." My dad, sitting behind Me, said with just a small trace of sarcasm "Really?" I turned and told him I knew what a ph level was and that the baby and the wino were different. I didn't have the complete answer, but I was sure I was on the right track.

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

I was.

Aside from tooting My own horn, that anecdote points to a situation that occurs far more frequently than people seem to acknowledge. (No, not deadly space-borne viruses.) I mean connectivity, the interrelationship between situations and events.

It often seems that people blithely go through their lives aware of only a small part of the world. Let's call it selective tunnel vision, a handy tool for dealing with Life's ever-increasing complexity. But in that selection, people have apparently lost the ability to see "the big picture," the overall montage of evident and underlying causes and effects. And by losing this ability, they have also forfeited their ability to make quantum leaps, both mental and situational.

I may have made a large leap there, so let Me clarify: By not seeing and understanding a larger array of information, it becomes more difficult to make progress, whether in thoughts or actions. As Einstein put it, more succintly: "Problems cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them."

So where does that leave Us, the folks who tune into Channel 1 Degree and keep on trucking? It leaves Us unable to see the true roots of problems and thus remain unable to solve them to Our benefit.

Happens at the individual level and at the societal level, and every level in between. For a person, education, self-help books or even therapy can transform Limbo to Life. At the corporate or organizational level, training, consultants and even outside pressures can transform lackluster performance to high-flying effectiveness. But what can do that for a society? What process or person can transform a lost society into a progressive one?

You know the answer. You may not have it complete, but you--and I--know We're on the right track.

How can We know? What's the "ph level" indicator that tells Us We're on the right track? The realizaton that We are still standing while the rest are not.

Too vague for you? May be, but you know it, you see it, you feel it and thus you agree with it...becaue the rest of Us--Them--haven't a clue.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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