18 January 2008

National Talent Bank

Why don't We create a National Talent Bank?

The Talent Bank would be a database of curricula vitae and self-descriptions tagged and cross-referenced by location, age, gender, and interests. All submissions would be voluntary and perusal of the Talent Bank would cost $1 per name searched, with the funds used to maintain and support the source.

What purpose would Our National Talent Bank serve?

---Identify the willing and capable amongst Us.

---Quantify the level of human resources We can count on.

---Streamline the process of connecting the right people to the right ideas.

---Strengthen the sense of commitment We currently only pay lip service to.

---Allow room for the overall opportunity level to grow: Volunteers want to share and in that sharing, synergy and synchronicity are very common results.

---Provide a human framework for developing vision. Human, not political.

---Help develop a feeling of shared purpose, of hope and inspiration.

Would a National Talent Bank be Our social and economic panacea? It could be. It would certainly be better than what We don't have right now.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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