21 January 2008

Stances and Irony

I found some notes I made earlier this year to Myself. Here's the wrap-up of the interrupted thought process:

While wondering about My reactions to certain political stances, I analyzed what was happening:

---I don't listen to so-called pundits or analysts. For one, they don't know shit from Shinola. For another, they have their own axes to grind and I don't care for that.

---I hardly ever (maybe once or twice a year) listen to local news and only occasionally (once or twice a week) do I read a local newspaper. I get most of My general impressions of the zeitgeist from the front pages of those newspapers and from conversations with friends and colleagues whose opinions I respect.

---Because of this, and because I want to take My own stand on issues, I sometimes discover that My stand coincides with one of the three prevailing political viewpoints that suffuse Our miasma.

---If I find that My stand agrees with statehooders, I swallow My pride, for they have none.

---If I find that My stand agrees with commonwealth supporters, I swallow My dignity, for they have none.

---If I find that My stand agrees with independentistas, I throw up My hands and mutter "THAT was a waste of time," because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can't get anything good done.

But more and more often I notice My stand has nothing to do with any of the above three proverbial monkey-stances and everything to do with common sense and a push for progress regardless of political shadings. And I bet I'm not alone in that discovery.

Now if We could only get organized and form a movement or party... Of course, if the leader of that party suddenly started acting like he walks on (purified) water and confuses four random
hellos from street vendors with overwhelming support for his non-existent policies and plans, then We kick him in the bean and pick someone else.

Any resemblance between "him" and PPR President Rogelio Figueroa is strictly use of irony.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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