16 April 2010

Corruption Party

"It is time for everyone to realize that corruption is not just an aberration in the Party that must be ‘rooted out’ from time to time. The Party needs corruption to survive, it is its lifeblood. It needs it to fund its election campaigns. It needs it to pay the loyalty networks necessary for Party leaders to entrench their power. And it needs corruption to pay for its leadership’s lifestyles. Party leaders in the party, the state, and in business have become an interlocked network of patronage and corruption. Everyone knows that everyone else is corrupt, so they cover up for each other, and abuse power to tighten their grip, undermining independent institutions and eliminating opposition both inside and outside the Party.  "

Please reread the above with the word "Party" replaced by "NPP", for New Progressive Party, the local statehooders' ironic name.

Nod your head if you agree. For the record, I am nodding.

Please reread the above with the word "Party" replaced by "PDP", for Popular Democratic Party, the commonwealthers' cynical came.

Nod your head if you agree. For the record, I am nodding.

And if you nodded your head for one "Party" and not for the other, you are an idiot.

Granted, Puerto Rico doesn't have the corruption level of former Soviet republics or some disjointed African nations, but that's like saying "I have herpes, not AIDS." Big deal: you're still screwed.  Or more exactly, We're screwed.

I believe corruption could be rooted out in 2-3 years by the simple application of public executions of those found guilty of corruption, fraud, theft of public funds, bribery and so on. Take 'em out in front of El Capitolio and kill 'em. Given the level of corruption, greed and stupidity amongst the thieves We have right now, it would take a few executions to get the message across, but they will get it and they will stop it. 

Unreasonable, you say? Cruel? Illegal? Pish-tosh. It is a solution. It simply needs the application of will from those who say what goes to those who are supposed to obey.

If We did execute government officials and party leaders for the crimes stated above, We would not  be killing an elite, We'd be killing the servants. In that sense, it's not even a revolution. It would be a form of correction, albeit harsh. But it would work.

Now given that We won't be executing any of these vermin anytime soon (and thus MY level of interest in this topic drops to 0.6 on a scale of 0-to-10), what "softest" form of correction of corruption do We have? We grow in integrity as a society.

Don't deny it: You just called "Bullshit" on that one, didn't you? "Not gonna happen, Jenius!" you said to yourself. I agree up to the point where you (or I) would call it impossible. It is possible. It merely requires the will to change current behaviors and attitudes until a majority of Us become the norm for Our society.

Are you catching a pattern here? Will. The application of determination to a choice and its path. If We had the will to make corruption disappear, We could do it. By bloody punishment or virtuous selection, We could do it. Forcing people to be virtuous is a no-win scenario in the long run, but it definitely gets the old attention level up in the short run. And if We're ever going to change the long term, We have to change the present and near future first.

But We don't want to, do We? Especially you idiots who nodded at one party and not the other. I'd say you're too stupid to live, but I don't know you, so I won't. But you are.

And as for the quote, the real source is this post on the Democratic Alliance website, in Africa, written by Helen Zille. Just replace "Party" for "ANC"--the African National Congress Party of South Africa--and you can nod again. But this time, note how you care even less.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

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Kofla Olivieri said...

I agree with you 100%. We have too many idiots voting every four years for the same corrupt politicians. Nuestro pueblo tiene los gobernantes que se merecen, una retrajila de ladrones.