30 April 2010

Grackles and Dodos

Watching the NBA Playoffs, I've seen a Gatorade commercial with a catchy ditty, apparently written for the ad. The tag line is: 'If you wanna revolution the only solution's "Evolve"."

Grammatically suspect, conceptually on-target. And it applies, in spades, to the University of Puerto Rico students, currently "on strike"--yawn--which is rather like saying sheep are "on call" if the temperature drops.

Are the students on strike because the current economic debacle exacerbated by overpaid cretins in government and banking has reached a point where someone has to stand up and say "Enough!"?


Are the students on strike because the social fabric of Our country is shredding to the point where We have more faith in other nations that We seemingly could ever have in Our own and thus it's time someone stood up and said "Let's change!"?


Are the students on strike because The Larva, the Head Beggar and the misbegotten excuse for a party they belong to is doing the status mambo as a way to once again distract the masses from the mess the Governor, the Resident Commissioner and the New Progressive Party are making of Our future, thus requiring a self-harm protest as a way of saying "Our future is Ours, not yours!"?


What, then, with the myriad of problems We have, with the absolute failure of past October's loud yawn that had Twittericans creaming their cartoony undies with ridiculous (and misplaced) delight, what pray tell are the students striking about? 

Rising credit costs. And budget cuts for the University of Puerto Rico system.


Noble? Bold? Brave? Try these: Near-sighted. Barefaced. Bumbling. This isn't a strike so much as it is the temper tantrum of over-privileged snot-noses who think that Guevara is someone worthy of admiration because his murderer's face appears on T-shirts. This is the action of a handful of current parasites who have the conscience of a brick, the ego and limelight addiction of a--hack spit--politician and the scruples of a brain-addled snake. And those who have nothing better to do cheer them on, like demented grackles perched on a dodo coop.

Is the University system fiscally mismanaged? Yes. Are funds misappropriated or misspent because of political prejudices? Yes. But look at the flip side: Are budget cuts necessary? Yes, but more in terms of the number of people employed within the system rather than in a reduction of services. And should credit costs be adjusted? Yes, gradually and taking advantage of the fact that Pell Grants have been raised, because even a public university system needs to make money to continue lurching along.

The bottom line is that not everyone should go to college. A significant minority (close to 45%) of college students in Puerto Rico do not finish a degree (most of them males), so their presence on campus is not that of a person seeking improvement, but that of a loafer looking to score the next beer, free ride or sex partner. And those of you who have been in Our universities know I am not exaggerating: many of Our college students are there to avoid work, to get away from the family and to hook their paws on free government money.

So why a strike? Because Our university system is managed by greed-scarred cowards with no vision of education, so they allow a handful of loudmouths and jerks (I edited this down to "loudmouths and jerks") create a scene and, in doing so, risk harming the actual college aspirations of the dwindling group of true learners.


Equally pathetic is turning this tempest in a teapot into some sort of "national struggle." Hack spit again. Just as I predicted that last October's "mass protest" would lead to zilchzipnada, this is starting out as zilchzipnada and will only go down from there. Our problems are not in the realm of the per-credit price increase of college screw-offs, but the increased screwing We're getting by people who should have been buried in their own filth years ago, unevolved parasites that should be as dead to Us as the dodo.

But why focus on the real when We can focus on the inane, right?


The Jenius Has Spoken.

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