21 April 2010

Finland's Success, Our Suc(kin)ess

Let me get back to that bastion of crap known as the local (Mis)Education system.

As is well known, Finland has schools that literally kick the donkey of the U.S. of part of A. and the ass out of Us. Finland ranks #1 in almost category, Finnish-ing second only (didja notice what I did back there? Didja?! Clever, huh?) to South Korea in mathematics.

You know what they say about Asians and math...

In any case, Finland does this without offering high pay for teachers (their salaries rank about equal relative to other professions in the country as they do in other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] nations), without over-burdening the system bureaucracy and--hold your donkeys--having the lowest number of school hours in the OECD.

You can read a brief blurb on Finnish success at the BBC World News site, here. What are the basic differences highlighted in the article?

--Students are kept together longer, through primary and secondary grades (1-9) rather than throwing them out into another school.

--Additional teachers are added to classrooms to help slower students, rather than dumping them in a corral, er, "special education" classroom, like We do..

--The Finnish families have a culture of reading, instead of watching slanderous cretins in doll suits spouting fecal gibberish. (For those who live outside My Island, the latter is a reference to the highest-rated local TV show for the past decade. 'Nuff said.)

--Oh, and the kids start school at age 7. Not like Us, who want to push Our kiddies into pre-preschool at 3 and have them hate the whole experience by 7.

Yeah, Finland rocks when it comes to education. The weather? Not so much. Not to Me. But if We had to change the weather to improve Our educational system, I bet We could do that sooner than We could make the changes Finland has made. Especially the "reading culture" part: it'd be easier to have it snow next summer on El Yunque.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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