25 November 2005

Freeware Galore!

Stealing a march on The Information Soldier, The Jenius presents a website just chock-full loaded to the gills with free programs just begging to make your life easier.

The Jenius is a BIG fan of freeware: 7 of His Top 10 reasons for liking it are because it's free. (The other 3 are that it replaces Microsoft incompetence with functional goodness.)

So in the interest of giving and giving (albeit at no cost, but you know it's the thought that counts), mosey on over to Tech Support Alert and take a good long look at some seriously efficient software.

However, some nitpicks about this list. It doesn't mention Eudora as a quality e-mail option, and relegates Opera to an "also-ran" status. Having used both for almost a decade, The Jenius swears by these tools. The Eudora/Thunderbird option could go the way of the Mozilla product, but in the Firefox/Opera contest, why would a person elect the product that needs extensive customizing over the "Operiffic" completeness ready to go in seconds?

'Nother couple of nitpicks: clipboard replacement utility and "sticky note" program. I find nothing beats Yankee Clipper III as an extension of the clipboard. Plenty of storage space, auto-save, boilerplates and runs without a hitch. As for notes, I use Quicknote, a German piece of freeware genius that has more functions than a Leatherman has tools. And the litmus test--running forever without a hitch--is passed with flying colors.

So take a shopping trip down to Tech Support Alert and discover more free useful software than you can shake a stick at.

Which, oddly enough, is Microsoft's preferred method for improving its security gaffes...

The Jenius Has Spoken.


jane said...

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Aníbal said...

Gil, now your life is complete... Spammers are using your blog!